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The Professional Touch

Finding no professional touch whatsoever.
Any profession that might be called
be it Doctors of medicine,
lawyers ,architects, bureaucratsbusy lawyer
where they work or what they do
does not come into consideration
but curiously all have the same answer
when called by patients or clients
as the case might be and mostly
that they are in a meeting very important
The importance is not to be questioned normally
but the tailor-made answer and their preoccupation
makes one wonder and stagger at times
wanting to bash all of them with ruthless slaps
as they dodge their customers not before
but after taking a sizeable portion of money.

The Concept Of Religion.

Is religion anything to be afraid of?

Does it hold anything to be scared of?

It is a puzzle that keeps us off.


A blind follow of religion is common,

Any question is considered uncommon,

Religious calls are like summons.


Believers have different convictions,

Some say it is superstition,

Others express it as hallucination.


Well, things go about like that,

The best interpretation of religion is flat,

It says , occupation is religion, with a bat.


Business is an occupation,

It proposes a clean transaction,

Indeed, it is a positive perception.


Governance is a challenge,

It demands a balance in a range,

Incidentally it is a plausible change.


Professionals have to be sincere,

Their vocation commands high revere,

Likely it is  trait of great endear.


Each one has his own duty

The  predicament is itself a beauty,

Cumulatively this is religion in its glory.