The Professional Touch

Finding no professional touch whatsoever.
Any profession that might be called
be it Doctors of medicine,
lawyers ,architects, bureaucratsbusy lawyer
where they work or what they do
does not come into consideration
but curiously all have the same answer
when called by patients or clients
as the case might be and mostly
that they are in a meeting very important
The importance is not to be questioned normally
but the tailor-made answer and their preoccupation
makes one wonder and stagger at times
wanting to bash all of them with ruthless slaps
as they dodge their customers not before
but after taking a sizeable portion of money.



The day before was hectic
with activities basic
but became very magnified
with huff and puffs
with sighs and cries.
with no’s and dont’s
making the whole thing bizarre.

That which could have done in no time
started looking like a big crime
with anger seething through
with vengeance heading over
with harsh words creeping in
with fury penetrating in
making the whole thing a bug bear.

Finally it came to an end
with lot of misgivings
with lot of indignation
with lot of persuasion
with lot of follow-up
with lot of disaster
complicating making the simple thing complicated.

Actions deride desire Evolution subscriptions Swindle Theory thoughts turmoil Wish

An Epitome Of Pride.

The settlement  proposal lay bare.

He was about to tear.

It had nothing to share.

It was all in all a flare.


He was shaking  and fuming.

He angrily  threw everything.

His exasperation was killing. 

The situation was totally inundating.


The cream of his inheritance had been swindled.

He was left with little to rekindle.

He did not allow its value to dwindle.

So his siblings wanted to meddle.


They came up with a compromise.

It was an edict to legalize.

It was a ploy to legitimize.

It contained nothing to epitomize.


No wonder, he shook with indignation.

Their deceit was indeed  an abomination.

Their desire was truly a profanation.

His ordeal provokes  compassion.


He grew tall in stature.

His siblings professed no feature. 

He called them faceless creatures.

Well, they have no standing in nomenclature.