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To The Door.

Is it a grudge? anyway

know not why

they scream and fume

and spell a gloom.

Is it jealousy? anyway

know not for what

they boil and blast

and cast  a doom.

Is it greed? anyway

well that could be

they amass and hoard

a treasure for their progeny.

Well, the way they go about

seem to be steady and straight

there could be a  havoc

a steal of the deposits.

Nothing could be  predicted

like the wind, rain and snow

a clean sweep would bring

misfortune to the


Condemn it as Jealousy.


The jealousy rises on no basis.
it being a taint of the mind.
Feeling envy is in the blood
The grudge that comes up
needs no reason whatsoever.
The expression overcomes the analysis
being solely out of greed
nay not be it also the competence
that holds a larger share.
The thought of not able to achieve as much.
The feeling of not equalling the physical looks.
The desire to outsmart and out beat a success
all these go to bring in the hot jealousy
way in and way this goes along
day in and day out this happens
being impossible to smother the claim
the spurt of unusual feel happens all of a sudden
this spontaneous and that which had been inherent
along with the one that has been accumulating with the years
bursts out unimaginably creating a dire consequence
condemn it to as jealousy and go your way.


The Seed of Rivalry.

The menace men do  to each other

is reflected in  the ill feeling they nurture

is found in the jealousy that mounts up

just for the sake of being good-looking

be a way that copes up well

then being an intelligent  person than the other

that being a reason which  manges well

next comes the feeling of living comfortably

that is the seed of all rivalry very well

followed by the execution and performance

that being got by innate trend  and practising conscienrivalry.tously

all these consignments both in part and in bulk

go about throwing in the air envy and ruthlessness

turning the person to become a wicked  and evil  human

summing up his value and strength in derogatory terms

making much of his fallacy and diabolical syndrome





The Divergence – Jealousy

It was an act of jealous mind
where nothing could reason out
only jealousy was brewing in
getting over the rational.

The thought of getting more is competitive
but he belief of getting more
does not call for an understanding
creditable tracking Clandestine - Christian Vium - 2011 Anthropographia Award winner by reference.

The spirit of competition is to win
having lost it is no fault
but trying to win next time
emboldens the spirit truly genuine.

That being the case always
fuming with venom across
fretting with anger all over
seem to be an indecent affair all through.

Seething through other’s success
scanning their methods of triumph
prompts an unhealthy derogation
failing to ensue a victory.

With the spirit getting exhausted
the planning ceases to an abrupt end
bringing in a turmoil and clandestine
junction wherein all roads diverge.


Immortal You Are.

immortalThe ease of mediation
the flexibility in thinking
the desire to conclude
all get strangled
by the quality of jealousy.
Envy has been long man’s enemy
The better qualities in him
sink into oblivion and disappear
when jealousy takes over.
Feeling hot over nothing
Depressed over another’s progress.
Talking ill of a kin.
Manipulating and manoeuvring
Stopping other’s advance in life and business
by placing hurdles and constructing obstacles
both physical and abstract a notion to be disowned
make life which is a short span
a period of sixty to eighty years in all
hell and morbid, disenchanting and unnerving.
This diabolical attitude is because
that each one of us think we are immortal
and would stay on forever reigning supreme.

Actions Poem

Only Flaw.

The salvation is not near
as the protagonist goes apart
seeking petty trials
precipitatingsalvation massive crimes
in the manner of jealousy
implicating a purposeful hurt
trying to carve an incision
and jeopardy by inflicting
an embittered attack
on the man and his family
who are known for gentleness
renowned for integrity
who so far waited in patience
who had only one flaw that
of adopting a tolerance
which had cost them expensive.
They being not allowed to live
in peace and harmony strive
to pull on overcoming the endanger
which runs lifelong and never finds an end.

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The colour of Jealousy

jealousychildJealousy is an illness no doubt.
It is a mental addiction in a clout.
The mildest form reveals itself in a pout.
Shrugging the shoulders is a wee ahead of a bout.
The raised eyebrows twine up into a knotty flout
expressing a displeasure in a manner stout.

Jealousy springs up for no cause whatsoever.
It is an inspiration wrong however.
The feeling of envy is widespread all over.
The trace of it is found in kids little so ever.
Thick and dense it accumulates in the mind of grown ups in an over.
Love,business and politics effectively tumble over.

Races are destroyed by this lowly quality.
Nations war with each other in a note faulty.
Bloodshed and killing are found in enormity.
Peace walks out in distress from the locality.
Kindness and affection share a miss out due to this impetuosity.
All things negative build up because of this triviality.

A slight difference brings into force this yellowish attrition.
A marginal high up forces in a jarring distraction.
Envy tells history rattled many an empire to descend into the oblivion.
It has led to dethronement in successive attacks all to a dissolution.
Could this evil thought be plucked from the mind in total resolution.
Life would undergo an enhancement and bloom into an evergreen depiction.

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An Epitome Of Pride.

The settlement  proposal lay bare.

He was about to tear.

It had nothing to share.

It was all in all a flare.


He was shaking  and fuming.

He angrily  threw everything.

His exasperation was killing. 

The situation was totally inundating.


The cream of his inheritance had been swindled.

He was left with little to rekindle.

He did not allow its value to dwindle.

So his siblings wanted to meddle.


They came up with a compromise.

It was an edict to legalize.

It was a ploy to legitimize.

It contained nothing to epitomize.


No wonder, he shook with indignation.

Their deceit was indeed  an abomination.

Their desire was truly a profanation.

His ordeal provokes  compassion.


He grew tall in stature.

His siblings professed no feature. 

He called them faceless creatures.

Well, they have no standing in nomenclature.






















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Beyond Reason

There are many   facets  that confuse ,

There are many concepts that puzzle,

There are many directions that mislead,

There are many categories that kill,

Why so they do queries the mind?

Is it an evil mind that is at work?

Is it a diabolical device that wrecks?

Is it a greed that overwhelms?

Is it a jealousy that breaks?

Is it a vengeance that slaps?

Is it an   inability that overtakes?

Is it a defeat that cramps?

Is it an animosity that cripples?

Reasons are so many,

They have myriad faces,

The destruction implicated sucks,

The depression experienced is gruesome,

Yet those who establish such crafts,

Live happily in good cheer and joy.

Is it not beyond reason?