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A Salvation In Bliss.

With the morn not so brght

The sky not very cĺear

The clouds in haze

With the winds  not so strong

The breeze in a gentle move

The atmosphere rather cool

With the rains not so heavy

The drizzle very light

The pace little marshy

With the break of dawn

The birds not seen anywhere

The men inside homes

There seems to be peace

A transcendental feel

Felt all throughout

A kind of meditation

A salvation in bliss.

An Emptiness

With a feel of emptiness

staring at the moonlight

he sat on the patio

recollecting the events

that has passed

a  thought of irk

an act of provocation

stood out prominently.

They have remained there

refusing to clear

still very much raw

lying fresh  and free

causing a strangulation

creating a furore

and a ripple  allowing

no salvation entire.emptiness








Only Flaw.

The salvation is not near
as the protagonist goes apart
seeking petty trials
precipitatingsalvation massive crimes
in the manner of jealousy
implicating a purposeful hurt
trying to carve an incision
and jeopardy by inflicting
an embittered attack
on the man and his family
who are known for gentleness
renowned for integrity
who so far waited in patience
who had only one flaw that
of adopting a tolerance
which had cost them expensive.
They being not allowed to live
in peace and harmony strive
to pull on overcoming the endanger
which runs lifelong and never finds an end.