The Seed of Rivalry.

The menace men do  to each other

is reflected in  the ill feeling they nurture

is found in the jealousy that mounts up

just for the sake of being good-looking

be a way that copes up well

then being an intelligent  person than the other

that being a reason which  manges well

next comes the feeling of living comfortably

that is the seed of all rivalry very well

followed by the execution and performance

that being got by innate trend  and practising conscienrivalry.tously

all these consignments both in part and in bulk

go about throwing in the air envy and ruthlessness

turning the person to become a wicked  and evil  human

summing up his value and strength in derogatory terms

making much of his fallacy and diabolical syndrome




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It is Life Nothing More.

Shifting base is always a bug bear,

Well, that has become the regular fare,

A month here and months there keep it bare,

Nothing to rely ,but many things to care.


It was sheer envy seeing the movement before,

The same feeling lasts no more,

Moving places is a not fun all the more,

It turns out to be a terrific  toil  ever more.


Seeing places  is   extremely joyous,

Living in different places renders experience gregarious,

Going about all the  time becomes  tedious,

Releasing a morbid sensation accurately clueless.


Every life has a wear and tear,

Sitting firmly in a place is  a fortunate chair,

Roaming in quest of livelihood is a sordid share,

Anyhow to get  all  in life is truly rare.