Political Clout

The political scenario is going amuck

with the leaders all making duck

as the country getting stuck

and its progress sucks

there being a temporary halt

and a back step towards   fault

creating a  confusion in a default

therein the prosperity gets shadowed

while the nation becomes less endowed

with nothing to take pride off

as everything graceful has fallen off

contributing to the downfall  of the nation

leaving itbroken and torn without conviction.killer sucks




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Beyond Reason

There are many   facets  that confuse ,

There are many concepts that puzzle,

There are many directions that mislead,

There are many categories that kill,

Why so they do queries the mind?

Is it an evil mind that is at work?

Is it a diabolical device that wrecks?

Is it a greed that overwhelms?

Is it a jealousy that breaks?

Is it a vengeance that slaps?

Is it an   inability that overtakes?

Is it a defeat that cramps?

Is it an animosity that cripples?

Reasons are so many,

They have myriad faces,

The destruction implicated sucks,

The depression experienced is gruesome,

Yet those who establish such crafts,

Live happily in good cheer and joy.

Is it not beyond reason?