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The Plausibility Of Love.

Affinity for a particular
love for the specific
find no reason whatsoever
be it for the good
or be it for the bad
the inclination as seen
knows no bounds
it overwhelms though
it flows over not slow
floods all the more
might bring benevolence
might also cast a fury
both being unknown
the rationality not seen
the affinity grows in speed
while the love mops up
the flaws and foibles all through
shows only the bright traits
as other deficits tank down
called as plausibility of love.plausibility

Raging War.

Hate not anyone cries my soul

Lo! my mind always plays the foul

as it sends a silent growl

accompanied by a scorn and howl

finally the soul gets bowled

as the mind triumphs over  in   the toll


The controversy ranges so extensive

one that works out  very intensive

where the mind rules out a flexibility

the spirit calls for an adjustment  strategy

finally it is the mind that gains

as the spirit retreats in a deign.


The edge over the mind over the soul

being one of reason on the whole

where the soul being subjected to compassion

the mind overtakes in its action

finally it is the mind that holds the flag

as the soul is forced to get behind in a lag.download (12)







The Rich Man Over There.

Speeding like a hare
jumping like a monkey
crawling like a tortoise
hopping like a frog
loitering like a cow
kicking like a donkey
galloping like a horse
moving like a cat
running like a dog
oh ! doing everything like animals
the man, another animal
but with reason
behaved antisocial
destroying all things
dismantling other things
debugging the lines
eavesdropping through the gap
peering through the keyhole
sneaking through the open door
hiding behind the cupboard
sniffing through the window
finally escaping through the court-yard
being images (26) a man tall and lanky
worser than all the animals quoted
behaving with shame and disdain
Well! he be the rich man over there

I Am What I Am

I am what I amHaving not found anyone to my liking
I wander like a solitary reaper in the world
as I find none talk truth and reason
do not blame me for what I am
as I love honesty and sincerity
I find none to that highest level
I profess and practise what I feel
that becomes a lack of interest to most
as they say that I am a useless person
unwilling to go with worldly ways
and a difficult one to tag with.
as I see none to my liking
they also  fit to me to their dislike
with that goes my life in this world
almost lonely and away from the crowd
that arouses a feel that I should not have been born
an exact estimate of me from me primarily. 

A Hurried Run

Had a hurried run today images (18)

going from one place to another

all enquiries of death

from a babe a year old

then a girl twenty-five years

finally a ripe old man  91-year-old

the little one  came to the earth

for what no one knows

while the adult having to live

many more years had died  premature

but the old man crossing the limit

having lived the fullest extent

having stayed very much over

breathed his last finally after waiting long

having suffered  long solitude and weakness

The three give way to the schedules

that belie explanations  and reasons

passing away  in  days of the week

emphasizing the impermanence

and the transitory effect of life



I Have A Dream

I have a dream said Martin Luther King
fifty years ago in an eloquent sing.
A dream where everyone would become equal
Well, that dream has led to sequels
where distinctions of colour had faded
while the demarcations are reduced by shades
yet there we find still feuds and tantamount
pertaining to the racial hatred that discounts
the proven magnanimity which is holding the count.
Not there is seen absolute unity among the races
with the colour fair mostly running the chases.
Well visible through the coverage of the society
while it is prominently experienced with a sobriety.
The dream of Martin Luther King has become a reality partial
where the racial sadism has diluted to a level facial
His dream was of a full recognition and admission
where his children would become citizens without any remission.
That to be achieved we have to wait for long years still
envisaging a perfect embrace of the White and Black by will.Martin Luther King

The Real Cause.

What is it that is ailing you?
What is it that is hurting you?
You need to have reasons valid
to keeping morose and sordid.
Not knowing the cause
it is not a toss
to find out by guessing
and resolve it by throwing.
The phantoms of the mind do make waves
and create ripples in the behaves
They are but baseless prompts
that inflict an unwanted taunts
It is better to keep away from those
than pay attention in a chose.
Again, it is a plea really serious
Tell me the cause I would give you the clause
for your unhappiness and distractions gross.phantoms