I Have A Dream

I have a dream said Martin Luther King
fifty years ago in an eloquent sing.
A dream where everyone would become equal
Well, that dream has led to sequels
where distinctions of colour had faded
while the demarcations are reduced by shades
yet there we find still feuds and tantamount
pertaining to the racial hatred that discounts
the proven magnanimity which is holding the count.
Not there is seen absolute unity among the races
with the colour fair mostly running the chases.
Well visible through the coverage of the society
while it is prominently experienced with a sobriety.
The dream of Martin Luther King has become a reality partial
where the racial sadism has diluted to a level facial
His dream was of a full recognition and admission
where his children would become citizens without any remission.
That to be achieved we have to wait for long years still
envisaging a perfect embrace of the White and Black by will.Martin Luther King

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Discriminations Then And Now.

It was a beautiful evening. The wind was blowing gently. The sky was losing its fair like brightness. The shade of black darkness was setting in,with a twilight yellow in the background.

Nature was propagating all colours in a genial virtuosity.It was a magnificent sight.White, black and yellow presenting a pictorial hue.It was wonderful.The effect of the varied ,contrast colours was significant. Mother Nature bore no discrimination,as her children , the human beings are inclined to.

The racial discrimination has been in vogue for centuries together. A civil war was fought in U.S during the nineteenth century. Its remnants are still fresh in our minds. Though ,the dislike of the Blacks have been suspended outwardly, the white man secretly nourishes a hatred towards  the dark fellow. The Black Man, looks rigid, solid and imposing.There are a few , who commit treason. Most of them look rugged , but have a childlike heart. Honour their character. Forgive their errors. See them as your own race, that is human race.Then all differences will sink into oblivion. Do not consider them as a brat. Think about them as normal intelligent persons. Work with them collectively.The goal of eternal peace on earth will be achieved in no time.

The racial combat has also  a tumultuous effect on society. The Sri lankan conflict had swollen in magnitude exhibiting the discrepancy prevailing over the Tamils and Sinhalese. A little adjustment on both sides would have averted blood shed , massacre, devastation. The refugees are in a sad state of affairs. The beautiful island with enormous resources and blessed with excessive lovely pictorial sights is rife with gunshots,  bomb blasts. The people move about in constant terror, venture out with protruding eyes filled either with blood or tears, proceed with masked bravery to perform their routine.

These are a standing illustrations of the present world. The mandatory killings, and the venomous threat that looms large over all countries of the world , lingers an insensitive , numbed ridicule .The   spirited youth should take up the cudgels against these horrible clauses . They should affirm to protect the nations from white fanaticism, black atrocities and yellow liveliness.