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Public Speaking

A  boy of ten years

talks without fear

details every issue

be that of a small tissue

elaborates with such specifics

not all knows such intricacies

spoke to him last night

he, with his eyes bright

made a speech in his school

that of gadgets and tools

his classmates went to sleep

got up after a beep

his teachers listened in keen

well that has always been

he felt very sad to note

told him elaboration is his forte

has to limit it to an extent

add some anecdotes past and present

a way he could improve his reach

as  an fifth grader speechoration  should enlighten not teach.

The Eloquence

The portrayal was interesting

the narration was enlivening

there was a rapt listening

could only hear the breathing

the characterisation was insightful

the speech was wonderful

with the eloquence resourceful

coloured by  imagination fanciful

the feel of reality was felt all through

the characters were brought to life in true

with the hero making an entry anew

the villain cutting the edge in a breakthrough

the intermediaries creating a conducive  backdrop

the story telling broke  the barriers in a split

looking as though the monologue had hit

the technique was never tiring a bit

an ovation came from all sectorseloquence

the speaker was one in a thousand

one who holds everyone in spell bound.

Election Speech.

A fiery speech
an election speech
accusing the other party
that opposes them
not in one strand
nor in one measure
heaps of allegations at them
not thinking of their validity
a continuous speech without a break
anpublic speaking 6 harangue that calls for attention
as to choose the right candidate
never to go by the oration.

The Spellbound Eloquence






The coy little girl nodded her head

smiling shy but with a glow

with sparkling eyes she stood there

looking graceful and pretty.


Feeling shy is natural to girls

as they feel insecure among strangers

turning to their mothers now and then

expressing in terms with drawn.


The little girl talked in tone soft

words came flowing like a song

making gestures lovely and smart

holding the attention of the beholder.


A girl so small and shy

spoke with such determination

her oration being laid with ideals

while her eloquence was amazing.


As she went through her speech

supported by quotations and statistics

the spectators listened to her in rapt attention

being there a pin drop silence.


She received a standing ovation

that lasted for a longer duration

her mother beaming with pride

as the little one came running to her.


Circumstances make the man

goes the adage with a veracity

that being proved in 970267564045126969850569921216nthe girl’s attempt

a shy petite girl emerged as an eloquent orator.



The Gradience

Refinement in behaviour is felt

dynamism in attitude is seen

ease in interaction is expressed

clarity in diction is pronounced

grace in speech is found

wealth in store is known

not in the excess  of money

but in the largess of heart.

grace in speech




A Fiery Speech

The fiery speech he gave

was full of eloquence

contained no matter

it resembled  steam

bursting forth  with a venom.

not appropriate for the occasion

it brought with it a  an uneasiness

not only to the listeners

but to himself also  very much

creating a flutter  incomprehensible

and a situation undesirable

insinuating  a chaos

and a revolt  unwanted.

.fiery speech









The words he spoke were soft and sweet
not rough and impolite.
The way he spoke was softer still
not reflecting anger.
The intention with which he spoke
was the softest all over
delivering no ill will.
The sense it conveyed in the most graceful manner
was one of great deliberation
It was a determination echoed in the best way
worded in a great style with beautiful syntax
and lovely diction enough to get bowled over
and very much impressive it being
the listeners have to go by his sway
without any second thought and distraction.
n expressive eloquence. eloquence crafted with skill
and taciturn understanding.
It was grand to hear and lovely to watch
praising him aloud everyone said.
” what A Man” he is.