Old Ideas keep Her Going.

She holds to old ideas

goes by the convention

never once deviates

thinks it is treason.


Up in the early morning

runs to have a quick bath

clads herself in a dress of tradition

enters the kitchen all purified .


Her belief being so all along

she cleans the kitchen

gets on to her work with a song

praising the Lord for all she has got.


Being a very good cook

has an expertise in great

swiftly she prepares the meals

sets off to her place of work.


This be the way she has lived

never once she faltered

an up and a rise be her goal

ever did she go go about.


I look at her   with wonder

she is now in her early sixties

till she wakes up and moves about

with a same speed and skill.


Age does  not  cow her down

not that  she has no ailments

does not show it out  openly

manages  with a big smile.
















A woman,
traditionally attired
with a six yard saree around 0b30bbc0-c819-4dbb-b669-fd26763970f7
along with a neatly tied up hair
wearing a high-necked choli
and a bindi on her forehead
walked into a discussion
where there were people
clad in jeans and T-shirts
with flowing hair
faces with touch up
while the eyes looked remarkable
with eyeliner and brows
trimmed and made to look like arc
the feminism seen in two different ways
the one totally traditional
the other entirely modern
while the stylish folk
spoke eloquently
the woman sat glum
listening with rapt attention
which made the others feel
she was ignorant and unlearned
as her turn came by
she rose up with a grace
started her harangue in a stroll
punctuated with anecdotes and inputs
that were informative and focused
the fellow participants were stunned
and gave a standing ovation.
so goes the saying
appearances are deceptive.


The Old Gives Way

There is a change in attitude
Families steeped in tradition
taking on to conservatism
following the traditions
have now shed their inhibitions
as the new generationconcept01
wish to get away from the age-old customs
try to inculcate new codes
that of participation and equality in everything
not heeding to the elders
not accepting the seniors decision
where there ushers a straight say
and a straighter play and access
taking the rule in the hand
giving importance to individuality
creating a new trend and frontier
where everyone could raise the voice
and where all wish to be heard.
With the acceptance that change
brings in a new way of life
and lively interaction
the old gives way to the new

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The value Of Tradition

It is a tradition on the move.

sticking to the values in a  grove,

shunning the deviation in a blue,

passing on with a conservative flew,

implementing a decorum true,

gliding she crosses the avenue like a dew.


Her move is  an enthusiasm  lively.

With a charisma she proceeds gaily,

with a stamina she presides sternly.

with a  discipline she conducts firmly,

with an energy she works untiringly,

taking her to the  step of victory. 


Tradition is not  only in her attire specially.

It is  found in her speech almost admiringly.

It is seen in her manners all the most specifically.

It is explicit in her character very distinctly.

It is visible in her demeanour most explicitly.

Tradition makes her look tallerexplicitly,  than everyone else totally.












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The Rest Will Follow

It is a road less traversed,

Take it with a dare,

Get ahead of others if you can,

The rest will follow .


It is a thought out of box,

Work it out with a grasp,

Give it a distinct  frame if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a peculiar choice,

Deign it with a confidence,

Give it a beautiful look if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a special course,

Choose it with a desire,

Give it a progressive outlook if you can ,

The rest will follow.


The traditional  insight is great,

It also renders a monotonous  cheer,

Try to change it carefully if you can.

The rest will follow.