Old Ideas keep Her Going.

She holds to old ideas

goes by the convention

never once deviates

thinks it is treason.


Up in the early morning

runs to have a quick bath

clads herself in a dress of tradition

enters the kitchen all purified .


Her belief being so all along

she cleans the kitchen

gets on to her work with a song

praising the Lord for all she has got.


Being a very good cook

has an expertise in great

swiftly she prepares the meals

sets off to her place of work.


This be the way she has lived

never once she faltered

an up and a rise be her goal

ever did she go go about.


I look at her   with wonder

she is now in her early sixties

till she wakes up and moves about

with a same speed and skill.


Age does  not  cow her down

not that  she has no ailments

does not show it out  openly

manages  with a big smile.















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