Daily Archives: January 3, 2016

Holidays Are over.

The holidays are over

a week long or so

having been in  a hover

have to move in a go

relinquishing the ease of vacation

settling to the work again

another year starts with a  situation

being of  a great  regain

a resolution to be straight and direct

being firm and unselfish

would hold waters in the  implicit

otherwise  it would turn into an encounter devilish.





The Chain Of Reactions.

uncontrolled-nuclear-chain-reactionReactions being in a chain

dead for almost a quarter

come now with a feign

small inputs in a barter

saying  the time  now is to solve

one cannot wait any longer

two decades being not enough to resolve

the hurry now makes my suspicion stronger

a bait  in a disguise comes with a New Year Wish

the manipulation lies in a threadbare

could hear the trio talk softly in a hiss

a kind of manoeuvre in a share

let them hang about with their stealthy tricks

unperturbed I have to walk  without getting pricked.





A Tinge Of Jealousy

A tinge of jealousy

could not be so

it is envy found enormously

could be the foe.


He breathes with a sigh

could be a cause of  inability

he smells an odour high

the stuff of developed  animosity.


Why be it so? I wonder

being a man of high net worth

poses as if he lives in splendor

why this unnecessary feel of dearth?


Not able to explain his attitude

I being a target of his jaundiced eye

keep away from his latitude

vowed to talk nothing of him

as he is not worth a pie.