Holidays Are over.

The holidays are over

a week long or so

having been in  a hover

have to move in a go

relinquishing the ease of vacation

settling to the work again

another year starts with a  situation

being of  a great  regain

a resolution to be straight and direct

being firm and unselfish

would hold waters in the  implicit

otherwise  it would turn into an encounter devilish.






Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

The country where I live most
has a distinct character utmost
formed of three races all the more
it abounds in festivals even more.
With the festivals come the celebrations
along with rejoice and reverberations
where shops and stalls abound
where every town and city rebound
people move up and down
paying obeisance to the elders in the town
above all with holidays all around
for every festivals in the round
be it Muslim, Chinese and Indian all through
while the country goes on a holidaying mostly through
with days becoming weeks in the go
while the administration halts with the bow
The country has gone on thus for years together
easy-going and enjoying on the whole altogether.
It would be a surprise to any one coming from other lands
as they had been taxed and worked up too much in their own land.
This little peninsula Malaysia,in the far east frames its own time
living and working as it wishes not minding the clock’s chime.Hari rayaobeisance.