The kavadis and Paal Kudams

The event every year

on the banks of Sungei Manik

brings a lot of cheer.


The day falls on a Pournami

known as a full moon day

in the month of chithrai ( April).


The hundred and a twenty-year-old temple maxresdefault (1)

built by the  Chettys of South India

is agog with excitement in ample.


The deity is adorned with fineries

abishekams follow  the discipline

people watch them in a reverie.


Archanas are done in fervour

the devotees throng  the sanctum

hard to keep them in a demeanour.


Much more could be seen

paal kudams and kavadis outnumber

the event takes a turn keen.


Those who carry the paal kudams

seem to walk in a trance

at times fast and times very slow.


The kavadis are so beautiful

one could see the artistic inclination

they present a sight wonderful.


One kavadi is shaped like a boat

the man who carries it

is dressed in fine silk and wears no coat.


He has a small sceptre

pierced through his cheeks

does not bother about the rupture.


Lemons are pricked on his back

they rest on  sharp tongs

bells (salangai) are tied on his ankles.


He walks majestically all around

then runs making the loudest noise

creating a sensation in the surround.


“Ha  ha” he shouts with joy

tears  well and flows copiously

turns frantic  and behaves like an impish boy.


His fast moves provoke the bells

they chime with an exciting sound

add to the frenzy in a tell.


The yearly Hindu festival

hosts three hundred shops of makeshift

a shopping  opportunity in a carnival.


The small town Teluk Intan

reverberates the echoes  all through

a fortnight of revelry all  through the century.















A Festival of Every Year.

Away from my home

not from the real in a sense

was avidly on a roam

where there were dense

a crowd of people around

on an occasion  of a festival

happens every year with a bound

where there be a big carnival

as people enjoy themselves

with a lot of events in a row

of a divine grace on the day

being a Pournami in the show

the devotion turns into play

with the surge of people in a flow

chanting and praying  in a trance

a temple of hundred years  or more

some even start to dance

as ecstasy mounts  to  a maximum

a beautiful celebration  professes a sobriety

as  well as a joy which grips not in a minimum

made me sit and watch for a day and two

an allowance  I extend to myself every year

well, a lively sojourn that I do not miss in true

it helps me to keepchitra  pournami 2016

myself in cheer.








A Great Start.

Being an auspicious day

the morning saw an event

inimitable in its own way

a very sober and modest one

a precursor to the upcoming

approaching fast in the zone

a celestial festival in the  offing

draws a crowd of thousands

attribute to a growing gathering

bringing a revenue to the temple

more so to the town council

being very lucrative in hundred thousands

a going great and marvelous all the more

a reverberation with an exciting sound.











The Temple festival

It is a temple festival
there is a carnival
year after year, it takes place
people from around race to see
the God with a personal plea
kavadis and paal kudams abound
the breaking of coconuts in the ground
has grown from hundreds to thousands
all along the procession route
their bhakthi bears fruit
the town council makes money
with the shops in makeshift funny
an amount of few hundred thousand
all from the rentals of hundred shops
a fairly good revenue each year
the council does nothing much to cheer
the management spends from their pocket
run the show without any brackets
the main aim is to honour the Lord
that they do without any fraud10420744_10205586177561391_8528200948246438069_n
nobility needs to be recognised
has to be honoured too.


As summer Comes.

The village is in a festival mood
as April heralds summer
with the ceremonies in the round
the temples look beautiful with decorations
shining in its glory.

The people return to their village
open up their homes long left unattended
meet their relatives and friends
a break from their routine
rejuvenating and exciting.

The temple mela goes in full swing
the deities decked come out in procession
the people throng the shrine
offering flowers and grains.

The ten –trinco_amman_day festival brings cheer and fun
also ends up in a note of grace
people renewing contacts of long
assure each other to meet once again.


The Festival Of Lights —-An Annual Renewal.

The crackers are in full swing

a noise  emanates  from one wing

deafening the ears with a terrific sound

a siege of  smoke and fumes swarm  all round

creating a  terrible suffocation all through

the spirit of the festival is greatly through

with fun and  merriment exalted to heights

entertaining and enjoying  in all rights

that being synonym with the festival of light

where money is being spent with delight

once in a year it occurs  in this part

with exchanges of good will and cheer in a sort

expressed by distributing laddoos  and sweets

presenting dress to the near with a mood  upbeat

patronising the needy to an extent moderately

goes Diwali where diyas are lit severally

illuminating the household outwardly

indicating a lighting  up of the soul inwardly

with enlightenment and tranquillity  in reality.Diwali



The Power Of Love.

A call in the early hours

came from a senior lady

not for anything serious

but for a help really

though not a very big obligation

nor an expensive deal rather

being a small purchase in supposition

that of a zari dhoti   in grandeur

she still is overseeing meticulously

the husband’s  need  in detail

wanting to complete his  wardrobe carefullyzari

with this special buy in retail

loving to see him attired so  finely

for the forthcoming festival

Diwali  the  one of lights  mainly

expressing her love for him subtly.






Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

The country where I live most
has a distinct character utmost
formed of three races all the more
it abounds in festivals even more.
With the festivals come the celebrations
along with rejoice and reverberations
where shops and stalls abound
where every town and city rebound
people move up and down
paying obeisance to the elders in the town
above all with holidays all around
for every festivals in the round
be it Muslim, Chinese and Indian all through
while the country goes on a holidaying mostly through
with days becoming weeks in the go
while the administration halts with the bow
The country has gone on thus for years together
easy-going and enjoying on the whole altogether.
It would be a surprise to any one coming from other lands
as they had been taxed and worked up too much in their own land.
This little peninsula Malaysia,in the far east frames its own time
living and working as it wishes not minding the clock’s chime.Hari rayaobeisance.


Festival In Perak

chithra pournamiA festival was going on
in a small town for a week .
The gaiety and crowd merged
with one another seamlessly
releasing mirth in celebrations easily.

The point of attention lies elsewhere
so far so good about week-long festivities
but the make shift shops around the area
expose a health risk damaging the civic sensitivities
. and cause a trouble to the locals around the arena.

The revenue from the shops are remarkable
which is enough to close the eyes of the officials
The annual festival gives a rich label
of three to four hundred thousands in potential
empowering a bonanza of funds stable.

The hazard it creates goes beyond bounds
as the surroundings get contaminated
and the noise they make by playing music is a hound
quite deafening and the peace around gets terminated
making living terrible and the mind unsound.

Actions Experience feelings Governance Interpretation Lesson subscriptions technology thoughts turmoil Wish

Lights Subdued.

Festival of lights  was the day before.

The lights were not seen all the more.

Darkness was the only thing in the fore.

Creating an unwanted furore.


It is a skilful play of governance.

Exploiting the people’s endurance.

Cajoling them  with a difference.

Sending them back to primitive reference.


Learning keeps the people on the move.

Living in darkness is a lively experience all true.

Putting up with mosquito bites is a task to prove.

Well that is how we live for years together quiet low.


Blaming the predecessor is part of the game.

Accusing the federal is an excuse lame.

Accepting the deficiency is never a shame.

Setting it right soon would bring fame.


A day and night work out would bear fruit.

A well thought out plan would map the route.

Getting deep into the intrusive shoot,

would ensure a feasibility  with a hoot.