Man-made. Nature Poetry

Nature And Humanity

Beauty could be found everywhere

not in nature alone

man-made monuments  share

loveliness in tone.

A rose is beautiful

well, that is the one that comes foremost

so is the handicraft  wonderful

well, that would be the least to come almost.

The mountain stands majestic

tall and stimulating to the eye

so is the Taj Mahal  elliptic

solemn and sober to the eye.

The ocean roars in a force

endeavouring,not a compromise

so is  humanity in the course

initiating  not a compromise.

Nature in all its glory

imagines itself to be an embodiment

Humanity in all its folly

determines itself  to be a rudiment.Taj Mahal

mind oscillation Poetry

The Controversies Therefore.

The night of darkness

the day of brightness

premonitions in stay

the restless mind

sees both with fear

night foretells death

day predicts  breath

death is terrific

no man wishes to face

it is inevitable though,

breath is diabolic

no man wants to resume

it is indispensable though

Thus, go the night and day

with the sun and the moon

one hot and the other cold

the waves go up and down

the wind blows gentle and fierce

the oscillation is in a variance

yet life goes on like the stream

with ripples and furore

all in unity, darkness and brightnesstherefore.


A Similarity

grandmotherThe imagination goes with the generation
the grandmother to the grandchild
each one having a distraction
that needs to be carefully filed
the grand mother went with her terms
had stones all around in her play
be it seven at one stroke one of less calm
or let it be the most native ones in clay
used to play hop in a swarm
the grandchild has her gadgets along
with an iPad iPhone loaded with applications
spends time peering over them for long
the child is lost in deep concentration
a manner the grandmother played in her days
drenched in sunshine and breathing fresh air
the little girl spends her time in a way
locked up in room with no care
the older one had her mother’s eye behind
the younger lives mostly alone
the mother sweating out in a remote bind
the proximity is not to be seen in tone
only frequent calls keep the child alert
the days have changed now greatly
the fundamentals still hang on intact
with the grandmother and grand child strongly
the discipline is passed on inadvertently.


There Goes The Entertainment

There being an entertainment 

with dance and dinner

with song and drama

all in a frenzied mood

with a chatter and a clatter

the people in gay mood

with smiles all over

dressed in their finery

the ladies with extra care

touch ups here and there

painted heavily with make ups

lipstick, nail polish and mascara

wearing heavy expensive jewellery download (29)

while the men in their best suits

freshly shaven with lotions on

smelling with aroma  from flowers

the food displayed sumptuously

courting many to their delight

a plain menu on the first

added with cuisines from east and west

they too being garnished great

colorfully deigned  and on ornate plates

with the waiters standing in attention

all throwing out an extravaganza

while I see four little eyes

peeping through the hedges

eagerly savouring the dishes

they being not allowed inside

nor permitted to touch

as they belong to a genre

much lower than the participants

not because of their birth

bu t due to their financial status

being poor and needy

that being no fault of theirs.




That Be The difference.

Deep runs the ocean

shallow goes the river

many rivers do flow deep

yet there be a difference.


The sea being fathomless

with a salt in the foreground

flowing no matter

whether it rains or shines.



The river being solemn

having  tastyimages (79) water running through

overwhelming during rain

drying up at times of summer.


The distinctions are many

these being a very few

marking the main forms

that of great and good.




Flower, Grass, Tree And Man

the flower blooms 

signalling prosperity

the grass grows thick

indicating fertility

the trees yield fruits

showing out their fecundity

the man  powers his strength

destroying the fellow human

the one or the other thrivesflower sman_and_nature_164025

not for their own

but to make others happy

while man gets stronger

turning his own breed unhappy

while tormenting the rest.

That is a flower

a fruit and grass

Well, that is also

the man at the last.





The Imbalance

imbalance.The rains lash one part
flooding the whole area
while there prevails  in another  a drought
devastating the entire arena
The extremes do make me wonder
why this imbalance is on the way
forcing me to sit and ponder.
The same way goes the temper of man
while he being so kind and graceful
becomes callous and violent as much as he can
Why do such eccentricity  happen ?
make me once again to think aloud
these  variances make life wonderful
well this is what I come to understand
as I think and deliberate out-of-band .



Proving The Theorem

There being people very modest
There being people very ostentatious.
There being people in between the two
borrowing something from modesty
and plucking the rest from ostentation
finally ending up in a fiasco
landing in non body’s land
sad and sorry through the programs.

A friend of mine was not seen for sometime
A few days after he came to meet me
Probing over found out he had celebrated
the wedding of his son with few guests.
Feeling a little angry for not inviting me
asked the reasons for holding it so private.
Hee said too many guests and too much preparations
would spoil the solemnity and sanctity of the wedding.

Another incident gave a different experience altogether
An invitation printed grandly with decorations all over
soliciting to grace the Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations
With the curiosity to find what they do and how they work out
went ahead of time and saw the extensive elaborate arrangements.
The pains they had taken and the efforts they have put across
became so tiring the couple lost their cheer and glow
remaining indiamond wedding anticipation as how the occasion is going to go about.

The two opposite episodes in equations different
proposed a deliberation profound and necessary.
If privacy is knocked down by public interference
the decorum gets eschewed in a way prolific.
There be a demarcation between the two
while weddings bring joy to the couple
there be minimal invitees to wish then well
and the comfort and liberty should be theirs.

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Lights Subdued.

Festival of lights  was the day before.

The lights were not seen all the more.

Darkness was the only thing in the fore.

Creating an unwanted furore.


It is a skilful play of governance.

Exploiting the people’s endurance.

Cajoling them  with a difference.

Sending them back to primitive reference.


Learning keeps the people on the move.

Living in darkness is a lively experience all true.

Putting up with mosquito bites is a task to prove.

Well that is how we live for years together quiet low.


Blaming the predecessor is part of the game.

Accusing the federal is an excuse lame.

Accepting the deficiency is never a shame.

Setting it right soon would bring fame.


A day and night work out would bear fruit.

A well thought out plan would map the route.

Getting deep into the intrusive shoot,

would ensure a feasibility  with a hoot.