mind oscillation Poetry

The Controversies Therefore.

The night of darkness

the day of brightness

premonitions in stay

the restless mind

sees both with fear

night foretells death

day predicts  breath

death is terrific

no man wishes to face

it is inevitable though,

breath is diabolic

no man wants to resume

it is indispensable though

Thus, go the night and day

with the sun and the moon

one hot and the other cold

the waves go up and down

the wind blows gentle and fierce

the oscillation is in a variance

yet life goes on like the stream

with ripples and furore

all in unity, darkness and brightnesstherefore.


The Doors Screech.

The night being still

with a darkness so intense

no stars found in the sky

with the waning moon

seen very slight

on the whole there being

a stillness and chill

evolving a fright  and fear

as darkness always shows

an apprehension and scare

holding his breath he moved

hastening without a noise

stealthily moved into the house

which was totally dark

where none lived for long

opened the door gently

there rung an alarm

resonating all through

waking the people around

who rushed in with lights

the man knowing not what to do

ran inside the house

where the doors screeched

and the windows croaked

he went straight ahead

knocked himself down

and lay there dead

with his jaws wide open.

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The Natural Cycle.

The still night gives way to an active day.
The darkness yields to a brightness by the way.
This happening day in and day
alternating night and day in the lay outsleep cycle
A great systematic order followed by Nature
unperturbed by man’s hideous nature
of making morn night and night morn
practising erroneous procedures almost torn
while sleeping all through the day
keeping away from the working fray
not waking up to see the sun rise
but wrapped under the blanket in a guise
deceiving himself and others by his lethargy
then starting the work with the synergy
as the night sets in gradually
harming himself and all other slowly
as the untimely sleep and wake
get through him for the sake
destroying the ambience and equanimity
not in one go but in slow striding deformity
first quelling his body and performance
then going into the brain with a perseverance
numbing him fully converting him into a vegetable
So goes the life of one who had broken the norms
leading him to become a creature without forms.