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Still——-A Prattle.

pygmyparComes the word “still”

another word in the “S” series

how often misunderstood?

how often taken  lightly?

still waters run deep

goes the maxim  in course

“still” is impregnant with a lot

being one of quiet

very frequently cared in length

as the ocean  poses to be still

so do the rivers and weather

a premonition to a turbulence

a serenity that betrays

a quietude that penetrates

excites a fear and an apprehension

still may refer to lighter incidents too

being that of a postponement

one that of a delay in the anvil

still it has not happened

an expression indicating a procrastination

still a long way to go

informs an expectation in the go

so  much so about “still”

a five letter word holds a deep insight

requires a  scrutiny and an in-depth study

perhaps a research  is a need

each word though small or big

retains a fund of connotations

powerful and meaningful

an examination be the cause.


The Dark Night.

Into the night
there is a dazzle
that which catches the eye
a gleam thoroughly beautiful
sat there wondering
how awesome the darkness is.

In amazement I watch the stillness
how long I stood there
I really do not know
Yet it was an exhilaration
that could be felt all the more
by just gazing at the sky.dark_knight_legacy_h_2013


The Doors Screech.

The night being still

with a darkness so intense

no stars found in the sky

with the waning moon

seen very slight

on the whole there being

a stillness and chill

evolving a fright  and fear

as darkness always shows

an apprehension and scare

holding his breath he moved

hastening without a noise

stealthily moved into the house

which was totally dark

where none lived for long

opened the door gently

there rung an alarm

resonating all through

waking the people around

who rushed in with lights

the man knowing not what to do

ran inside the house

where the doors screeched

and the windows croaked

he went straight ahead

knocked himself down

and lay there dead

with his jaws wide open.

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