music thoughts

The Nectar Drops

The nectar drops

not from the bee traps

not from the bee hives

from the music I hear

intoxicates me more

I lose myself  all the more

a trance I am in

unable to come to reality

a fascination I experience

now, just now, almost now.nectar drops.jpg


The Dark Night.

Into the night
there is a dazzle
that which catches the eye
a gleam thoroughly beautiful
sat there wondering
how awesome the darkness is.

In amazement I watch the stillness
how long I stood there
I really do not know
Yet it was an exhilaration
that could be felt all the more
by just gazing at the sky.dark_knight_legacy_h_2013


The Moon

moonSaw a moon in the sky
she bade me come near
I moved close to her
tried to touch her bosom
passed my fingers over her
the milky white fluffy flesh
looked so imposing and clear
did not promote anything promiscuous
gave a thought of purity in the fold
the crystal clear light that passed
fell one me with a grace so fine
took me over in a blind
her pristine beauty turned me dumb
expressionless I got transformed
like a stone I was
I stood holocaust in the brightness.


London Beckons

London, holds a fascination
I do not know why
The place keeps on
coming and going
in my mind.
I know not for what.

Right from the day
i learnt the nursery rhyme
p*ssy cat, p*ssy cat.
where have you been?
I have been to London
The city beckons me

Never could I make it
all these years
getting on with work
nothing great or spectacular
the usual routine
of eating and sleeping.

London, calls me again.
I know not for what.
i would try to go
at least this time
to the great city
soliciting from afar. London

Enrichment Environment feelings fresh green Poem

Green Goes The Theme.

greenshade.Green takes the cue from nature.

Greenery  presents a beautiful aperture.

Greenish hue illustrates a lovely feature.


The dark and deep forest looks green all through.

The ups and downs in the hills encircle greenery all  through.

Green fascinates every one all through.


 An encomium to the colour green marks  the show.

The  greenish  tinge enhances the glow.

The excellence of the colour green entices all in a flow



The shades of green are different and delicate.

The characteristics of green are impressive and  invigorate.

Greenery enlivens the environment elaborate.