bounty Nature Poetry

The Diversity

the_flower_of_life_by_fracfx-d3fawqcThe diversity as seen

landscapes  as have been

undualting and flat in a way

makes it look like a play

the ups and downs

makes one to frown

yet they seem to be attractive

as they remain inconclusive

whare do they start ?none know

where they end up? no one knows

they go  to places in the stretch

call us together in a fetch

we crowd to such places

happiness is apparent in our faces

yes, Nature is such a beauty

has lot of treasures in its booty

a great going indeed as I admire her

an admiration grows around her

well, Nature is enormously  fastidious

and everything looks infectious.

Man-made. Nature Poetry

Nature And Humanity

Beauty could be found everywhere

not in nature alone

man-made monuments  share

loveliness in tone.

A rose is beautiful

well, that is the one that comes foremost

so is the handicraft  wonderful

well, that would be the least to come almost.

The mountain stands majestic

tall and stimulating to the eye

so is the Taj Mahal  elliptic

solemn and sober to the eye.

The ocean roars in a force

endeavouring,not a compromise

so is  humanity in the course

initiating  not a compromise.

Nature in all its glory

imagines itself to be an embodiment

Humanity in all its folly

determines itself  to be a rudiment.Taj Mahal

Nature Poetry Representation

A Stream

A stream I espy

reflects the sky

it feels shy  as it runs

and  runs across

with no flaws

goes on in a toss

could see ripples mild

a swirl and  a twist  piled

it flows almost filed

the flowers float in pairs

the fish swim with care

these be the noble shares

we notice in the stream’s  hold

as it gently passes in the fold

the waters not very cold

it is a beautiful expression

nature’s priced installation

a glorious yet modest   representationa stream

elements. gratitude. Nature Poetry

Expression Of Gratitude

paddy-harvesting-4It is a long, long weekend

with the festival on the verge

harvesting is in full swing

paddy, millet and maize converge

heaped in separate wings

hay is stacked in piles

the farmers run about in a worry

the traders rush in a hurry

with the weighing scale and cash

the transactions are done in exact

the sacks full of grains are loaded in a flash

their journey across the fields start instant

as the human traffic dies down

birds descend and saunter around with anxiety

pick the remains that lie on the field now brown

the farmers recline and relax with contentment

the celebration takes off with an  enchantment

dance around and sing merrily with immense zest

fire crackers and beat the drums with overwhelming joy

an expression of gratitude for the good revenue

without a forget end up with an anthem to Nature the giver of all.

Nature Poetry

Nature At Its Best.

it was thirty minutes past four
well into the early morning
between dark and dawn quite cold
with none of the humans up and around
the world was busy otherwise in a get up
the birds were ready for their fare
their cackle and chirp bustling in a bound
there were the others insects moving up and down
enjoying the beauty and serenity together
a wonderful thoroughfare was in the hub
an orchestral music being played with interest
without the interference of man’s artificial signsearly morning
hoots and honks, fumes and dust all prevalent
it is the nature in all wholly at its best.

Nature Poem


The grass is green
as all of us know
It has a lustrous sheen
with a sparkling gleam
as the dew settles
on the blade glistening
like diamonds
which most of us not know
as we go ahead with our chores
working,eating, and sleeping
unaware of the beautiful parade
which Nature displays in the morn.
never calling for an advertisement
it happens in a regulargreen grass stream
with the stream we go out to the
next charming array of nature
where the blue waters of the stream
flows noiselessly into the mighty ocean
roaring with a hefty voice echoed in the mountains
that takes us to another form of nature
massive and royal beaming with pride
enfolding again a green luxury of trees
verdant and imperious providing
a feat to the eyes and assuaging the mind.
Well to the green grass sailed by the stream
and reached the mountainous top
all in one go awe-inspiring and exotic.

Actions Inspiration Nature Poem

Travel With Nature.

Nature takes you along
wherever it goes.
Go with the river
you lose your shiver,
Get ahead over the hill
it would bring you peace still.
Watch the Ocean
that enumerates extensive reason.
Look at the tree.
It would make your mind free.
Observe a plant
which demonstrate implants.
Last of all the flower
which exhibits beauty forever. travel

Actions Nature Poem

The Helpless

The night was dark and silent.
There was no noise high or low
The owl was hooting like a tyrant.
The flying bats caused a terrific blow.
Perched on the window sill the dove was quiet.
Any untoward move would bring danger.
It kept to itself in the cloudless night
perceiving a serious risk from the stranger.
The night grew darker still.
The hooting became unbeatable till
a fearful wind came with a force
disturbing the owl to take a course.
The owl made its way to a far off place
The bats halted their frantic pace.
The lonely dove then rested in peace. dove

Actions Environment Nature Sunday.

It Was A sunday.

It was a quiet day.
Is it a Sunday?

None walked down the street all day.
No cars hooted during the course of the day.

Nothing to diffuse the serenity of the day
except the rustling of leaves in the alley,
humming a melodious tune to the breezy wave.

No other thing to distract the quietness
except the murmuring of the river with an eagerness
repeating the flow in a sequential liveliness,

None the less the day passed on untainted.
The day folded naturally without being garishly painted.
The serenity released a sombre feeling much awaited

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They Go Past.

Listening to the wind’s manifesto,

holding on to its gusto,

sailing along with its course,

beating its trail with a force,

the ship tossed in the rough seas.


Moving ahead across the rugged road,

struggling on with a smile broad,

enduring every hurdle with patience,

trying to out-beat the competition with a reference,

she treaded the desolate path all alone.


Braving the storm with diligence

shoved past the ship with an animated presence.

Pushing aside the obstacles with a determination

she raced towards the destination.

 Hey  you ! Will they reach their goal ?