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The Rat Is Dead.

ratThe tiny rat got into the room.
I tried to chase it with a broom.
It ran here and there in fear.
I ran everywhere.
The rat squeaked and cried.
However much I tried
I could not strike it.
It looked so agile and fit
Knowing not how to catch the rat
hesitantly gave a blow with a bat.
The rat fell down flat and swirled.
In a few minutes it lay dead.

Actions Nature Poem

The Helpless

The night was dark and silent.
There was no noise high or low
The owl was hooting like a tyrant.
The flying bats caused a terrific blow.
Perched on the window sill the dove was quiet.
Any untoward move would bring danger.
It kept to itself in the cloudless night
perceiving a serious risk from the stranger.
The night grew darker still.
The hooting became unbeatable till
a fearful wind came with a force
disturbing the owl to take a course.
The owl made its way to a far off place
The bats halted their frantic pace.
The lonely dove then rested in peace. dove