Istanbul Explosion.

The explosion in Istanbul
killed forty-one
injured hundreds.

It is fearful.
It happens
quite often.

The acts of violence
seem not to end.
They continue.
How long ?
None know.

Poetry theme

Alive And Dead,

A disturbance is there

Is it of the mind?

that could be any kind

as we  truly find

the mind makes a hell

and rings the bell

it  makes a heaven

and places it in a haven

the psychic and physic

both work in a trick

if there is a failure  in one

it fails the other one

mostly the mind is the culprit

as it destroys the body into bits

throws it  as a waste  down the drain

the body acts in a feign

becomes an entity  that lives through

that walks and talks  very much true

befits the epithetalive and dead. alive and dead


While Dead

A man died a day ago
people call him great
as he lived till yesterday
he was at default.

The flaws in life
grow and magnify while alive
the defects minimise
look nothing after death

The man dubbed as wayward
while he was living
turns wise and saintly
after his last breath.

The good that we do
lives after the mortals
the bad that we commit
is interred with the bones.

The memory is so short
as years pass onMSS8-every-man-dies-but-not-every-man-truly-lives fast
the dead man becomes history
and his deeds a story.

That be the way everywhere
a saint lives forever
a bad man dies a death
and remembered for never.


My Dead Granny

There was a woman

 not been known  much

 lived in oblivion 

 died so in the dark

 bore the suffering 

 tolerated the humiliation

 breathed her last seven decades ago

 comes from nowhere 

 almost like a volcano

grandchildren cry with love 

 attribute her qualities  with pride

stand  I bewildered  in shock

 the mind prods and feels stuck 

 anything gone amiss ?

 anywhere to anyone.

 Men do remember

 not in times of prosperity

 only in periods of distress

they recall the bygones 

 more so their ancestors 

This way my curiosity woDead bunniesnders

 Well, I know not why 

am I the only one to think so

 then let me be the odd one out 


The Days.

The days among the dead are past
the days have gone fast
nothing would ever last
as everything has been cast
long before they arrived
that is how we derive
the inference in a strive/days



Brain is dead
the heart lives in beats
the man sleeps . coma_1615608c


My Grandmother

grandmotherMy grand mother told me
many lovely  stories
understood or not
I nodded my head.

My grandmother told me
many  lively experiences
liked it or not
I nodded my head.

My grand mother told me
many useful medicines
assimilated  it or not
I nodded my head

My grandmother kept on  saying
I paid no attention
I did not give importance
but kept nodding my head.

My grandmother is dead
I really do not know anything
No one is there to guide me
my head goes on nodding


The Ways Of The World

Great become any when the die.
Death honours them so well.
Their trespasses get buried down.
Their shortcomings go down into the pit.
Their deceit gets burned away by flames.
Mfuneralany have the habit saying
that the dead are Gods
blessing us from where they are.

Actions Love Poem

The Man Lying Down Dead,

man lying dead.The pulse beat is normal.
The heart beat is perfect.
The man turns cold.
His eyes flutter and
he falls down unconscious..
He is lying down like a dead.
None could understand the problem.
The doctors could do nothing.
The man lies like dead undeterred.
He is a young man about thirty-three.
As all stood around him with down cast eyes,
his wife with his little son rushed towards him.
She shook him and called him by his name
The man is lying down as dead undisturbed.
The little son took a step forward and then retreated.
again made a forward move but got back in fear.
The third time he raced ahead and fell on his father
letting out a cry ‘papa”, ‘papa” which made all cry.
The man lying down dead slowly opened his eyes.

Actions Poem thoughts

The Rat Is Dead.

ratThe tiny rat got into the room.
I tried to chase it with a broom.
It ran here and there in fear.
I ran everywhere.
The rat squeaked and cried.
However much I tried
I could not strike it.
It looked so agile and fit
Knowing not how to catch the rat
hesitantly gave a blow with a bat.
The rat fell down flat and swirled.
In a few minutes it lay dead.