Poetry theme

Alive And Dead,

A disturbance is there

Is it of the mind?

that could be any kind

as we  truly find

the mind makes a hell

and rings the bell

it  makes a heaven

and places it in a haven

the psychic and physic

both work in a trick

if there is a failure  in one

it fails the other one

mostly the mind is the culprit

as it destroys the body into bits

throws it  as a waste  down the drain

the body acts in a feign

becomes an entity  that lives through

that walks and talks  very much true

befits the epithetalive and dead. alive and dead


Praise The Dead.

Praising the one when he is dead
making him a saint
apart from all follies
away from all flaws
has become the practice.
Know not why it has become so
When one is alive
he faces confrontations
and suffers verbal attacks
even physical assaults.
The moment he passes away
he is spoken high off
his negatives become positives
growing high in image
held in esteem by the very same
who talked ill of him.
Wonder ,why such things happen.
Feel, why not people behave normally.
Sense, a quality of belittlement.
Experience, a toxic level of excitement.