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I Go Back

I have a son
who is always fun
climbs he on the trees
calls from there cheese
jumps down with a thud
tramps on the plants with buds
runs up to the road fast
turns back without a cast
plays on the heap of sand
rolls down with a noisy land
it is curious to see him play
Oh, I have forgotten all the more
the son of mine is young no longer
he is a responsible father now
his son would play the same way as of now.portrait of a teenage boy climbing in a tree, backlit

eulogy Poetry

The Mother In You – —-Parenting -5

The mother in you twinkles
I see a sparkle
and also a trickle.

The mother in you smiles
effortlessly you cross the miles
carry a record of activity in files

The mother in you beams
as you see the order in a stream
and walk with a dream.

The mother in you stands tall
as your children listen to your call
you glide through in ease without a fall.

That be the mother in you at last
a name to reckon with in a cast
up goes your fame all fast.

There ends my eulogy of you
that be the mother in you
a shrine of values true.mother and sons


Did I Not?

Did I not tell you?
said the mother to her son
Did I not warn you?
said the mother to her daughter.
Did I not bear with you?
said the tired wife to her husband.
How many did I not?
I hear all around
I throw my towels
that be the last
Did I not?


The Way It Goes.

Obsessed by thoughts
mostly of my ancestors
more of my grandmother
on the maternal side
these two days I dwell
gathering the anecdotes
told by mother in my teenage
a kind woman she was
short in stature
tall in thoughts
patient and stoic was she
been so quick in handling with tact.
The time of the inauguration
of her husband’s first spinning mill
which was the seed of his industrial empire
her two –pictureyear old son died
she kept it within herself
never cried or broke down
lest her husband would be distracted
held the child in her arms
close to her bosom tight
the man came home stood there she sullen
with a warm smile all the more
relaxed he with a cup of tea
shared her grief with him
on one side was his commercial gain
on the other was his personal loss
prosperity and tragedy coincided
the wife who stood the test of times
did not stay long on earth
to see his rise and wealth
Well, that be the irony of the day
a paradox of the nuptials in stroke
comes to my mind the words
they also serve who stand and wait.


As The Age Goes.

I am going to be ten
jolly well cries my grand-daughter.

I am going to be twenty
cries  my nephew with joy.

I  would be thirty plus
beams my son with pride.

I am turning forty
tells my brother softly.

I am on my way to fifty
speaks my cousin meekly.

Well, I would be sixty soon
say I demurely .

Well as the age goes
the people grow
so do their voice  show
from high to low
with a mellow
that be the go
as years flow
taking us nearer to the grave
turning stoic and brave.


Making Of A Son

it being an admonition

a chiding from a mother

a punishment from her

for having performed bad

not once or twice but always

getting poor and poorer in the go

making her to stand before the crowd

where other mothers boast of their sons’ prowess

she being there with a bowed head

and with down cast eyes

tears coming down the cheeks

having to undergo such situations

not being a few but many

she reprimanded herself rather harshly

having borne a child  so bad in studies

he having brains in tons

never into the studies from day one

playful and boisterous

climbing up the trees

when he ought to  do the assignments

she running behind him with a stick

he dodging and getting up

where she could no longer reach

this play had been all through

leaving her helpless and sad

now she is a ta the receiving end

with the school authorities blaming her

a plight wholly pathetic and compassionate

being a mother she has no choice

but owe up for her son’s fault

a precarious situation she be in

a  delinquency she has to face

and face  did she all the while

having made her son a professional

being adorned with laurels and honours

acclaimed by those who derided him

a n impressive  change she had brought into

with a determination and gusto.images (59)

Hail to thee the mother of a son

may your tribe increase.




With That Goes My World.

The morning looks dull

with people not seen about

nothing happens in full

as there is none going out.


What be the cause I wonder

I could infer nothing so far

as I think about in a ponder

I trace nothing great ajar.


It might be a holiday, I conclude

holidays are spent  not at home I know

as people go over with a schedule

visiting places with glee in a row.


What else would it be? I think aloud

while my son  sits facing me with a tease

What is your botheration now? he talks loud

Keep going not thinking of things in pieces.


Telling him of my deliberation  straight

he unable to control his laughter

holds my hand and says with words right

you have other things to care about  now and after.


Still my mind persists on its thought

wanting to know why the day is  lifeless

my son reaches me with a plot

taking me into the city for a drive   neverdull mroningtheless









The Deal —-Feminism At The Back

There erupts a tease

there emanates a fleece

it is a deride

it is a high bide

being a woman

is but inhuman

as she  is at stages

under her father till an age

then her husband takes the reign

followed by the sons in all signs.

The fatherly role is too authoritative

with a strict approach tentative.

The dictator is the husband

getting her dancing to his loud band

while the son plays a self-conceited game

putting I before all in no shame.

The girl, wife and mother

with no pride in her feathers

with mouth shut and eyes downcast

plays second fiddle to everything fast

that being the fate of the woman

wherein she is a graceful  human

as long as she goes by the male’s domination

once she revolts and rebels

she has to move with a label

a shrew with a vicious ambition.images (8)



Actions Love Poem

The Man Lying Down Dead,

man lying dead.The pulse beat is normal.
The heart beat is perfect.
The man turns cold.
His eyes flutter and
he falls down unconscious..
He is lying down like a dead.
None could understand the problem.
The doctors could do nothing.
The man lies like dead undeterred.
He is a young man about thirty-three.
As all stood around him with down cast eyes,
his wife with his little son rushed towards him.
She shook him and called him by his name
The man is lying down as dead undisturbed.
The little son took a step forward and then retreated.
again made a forward move but got back in fear.
The third time he raced ahead and fell on his father
letting out a cry ‘papa”, ‘papa” which made all cry.
The man lying down dead slowly opened his eyes.

Actions Experience Fraction Progress Story thoughts turmoil Wealth

The Story of a Family.

It was only  few years back,

The  family’s going was good ,

The pride was  extremely high,

The cheer was delightfully great,

Naturally, its arrogance was exorbitant.


The family made  a loud show off,

A gross vanity was  directly found,

A rudeness was  always practised,

A  total disrespect to all was shown,

Its  impudence was  absolutely unbearable.


Today the scenario has changed,

The progress has been stalled by their insincerity,

Their prosperity has eroded considerably,

Their  prestige has been lost effectively

Still they have not  realised the reality.


It is a pity to see the family ,

Facing a loss of enormous wealth

Seeing its vast properties auctioned,

Experiencing an untold misery and shame,

Still unable to accept the fault which they committed.


Examining the plight of the family straight,

Traced the folly of the person at the helm,

It was an unmindful expansion all through,

Neatly setting aside a sizeable portion for him,

Landing the business in an unprecedented  debacle.


The team of husband and wife strove hard,

Built an empire by thoughtful moves,

Engaged themselves in philanthropic activities,

Handed everything to one son by love or ploy ,

Saw the whole thing crash like a pack of cards.


Favouring a  part of their  own family most,

Shelling out a  fruitful fraction to the other part,

Taking away mercilessly what was given from one child,

Making her languish in disappointment and tears,

Caused the family to suffer immensely.