What is in The Name?

His name could be best translated

literally would give no meaning

if done i n a skillful elaborate

would be one  very redeeming .


Better I settle with the  basics

being he a man with evil eyes

his  characteristics  are tragicomic

he is a man all very dicey .


Thinks he is royal and  brainy

talks with an air of pride

feels he is a conqueror  really

his wife befits her  role  with a glide.


Both together bring down the sky

their trash too has a value

their eyes emit a  look of sly

any a time  they would dare you.


Short and foxy the duo combine so well

sing their praise in an alternate   text

they being the couple who dwell

along with their in laws in a the house next.


Astonishing to find the whole family similar

the in laws are on the same wave as they

say they come  from a prestigious family  familiar

listening to them day in and day out is not one of gay.




charter Poetry quarter

The Wilsons Or The Tysons.

It is a family
could be the Wilsons
could also be the Tysons
the one in unity
hard to find such ones
as rivalry is in every quarter
it seems to be a clause in a charter
this family is away in one
very different from the majority
hold each other so close and near
speak the mind out in words clear
never resort forspeak your mind any reasons in ambiguity
embrace each other with amity
that be their way to iron off the differences
a way to be learnt and adopted with references.


The Family Opposite.

There being a family on the opposite 

all very lively and loving on sight

The father being the commanding

while the mother doing all work with no backing

The eldest one always up to pranks

the second one being   very frank

The little one being so tiny

clings to the mother closely

The family have lived here for ages

not moving to any other place  in stages



They become active in the mid morning

walking over my hedges  to my back yard dancing

for the fruits that grow there  in abundance

they being juicy and lascivious

while the father, mother and the younger ones

go through the hedges making no  noise  even once

the eldest takes a different route  entire

that of hanging  on to to the telephone wire

swinging this way and that way as he moves ahead

as I look with fear  and awe   over the  tread

with all the family around me chatting

they being the kin of man in the offing

the monkey family in  all images (87)its best







Write Do I?

Write said  my mother
when I was young
write do I did I  for my mother
with thoughts strung.

Write said my teacher
when I was in school
write did I for my teacher
with fear full.

Write said my Professor
when I was doing research
write did I for my Professor
with earnest search.

Write not now said my family
when I entered the wedlock
write not I for my family
with everything locked.

Write did I forget for my children
as I carried and raised them strong
write not I for my children
with a yearning long.

Write now bids my mind
as now I am free and released
write now for my mind
with a vigour unleashed.


A Lady I know.

The lady of esteem
has a great a steam
She being dignified
and majestic in her looks
has a sharp screening eyes
and a lovely reasoning skill.
Speaks little with an understanding
Speaks truth without demanding
knowing well that truth is hard

Carrying herself elegantly
keeps t herself away from the crowd
Participating in occasions important
restraining from gathering unimportant
this being her way of life
right from the early years.

Hospitable she would be
in measured terms and outlook
not throwing extravagance
Spends she at reasonable levels
restraining from the irrational status.
This has been her schedule for long
right from her early years.

Family is prominent in her thought
Caring her husband and children
has been her stride always
She kept close to her sons in their formative age.
This has been her design for long
right from the early years,

Meantime she has lost many an opportunity
has forgotten many an interest
abandoned many a pursuit
But kept going with the family in its flow
fearing any distraction would halt the progress.
This has been her endearment for long
right from the early years

Losing herself in the milieu
she has gained a lot in the avenue
standing top of all the habitude
as a lady with a triumphant husband
and a mother with successful children
It is time for her to designate herself though late
and go about her life with her pursuits in the coming years.

Actions Age Evolution Experience feelings learning Poem

Punctuations Of Life.

The days past bring memories nostalgic. sketch of life
Turning back is always symbolic.
The days of walk and run present a scenery
of speed and briskness resembling a reverie.
The years of learning and gaining knowledge
depict a planned lifestyle easy to acknowledge.
The period of raising a family and earning
puts forth a system that requires a lot of sharing.
The last days of retirement and solitude
proposes peace and tranquillity that melts down as attitude.

Age concept Experience Hamletian Interpretation Lesson thoughts

Had She Been Or Had Not She Been?

HamletHad she be born in a different state.
Had not she been born in her community.
Had she been like her five siblings.
Had not she been soft by nature.
Had she been wedded into a reputed family.
Had not she been forced to come out of it by virtue.
Had she been a little authoritative and demanding.
Had not she been languishing in fear and trial.
Had she been firm and vociferous.
Had not she been accommodative and demur.
Had she been independent and strong.
Had not she been too much docile and friendly.
Had she been an active performer..
Had not she been a silent spectator.
Had she been decided on realising her ambition.
Had not she been too involved in raising her children.
Had she been successful in winning her share.
Had not she been crest fallen to have lost her rights
Had she been a hard nut to crack.
Had not she been flexible to the other’s call.
Had she been serious of her pursuits.
Had not she been thinking of her disputes .
She would have become a writer of standing.
She could have clinched many an award of fame.
It is had she been and had not she been in a Hamletian trace.


Actions Experience Fraction Progress Story thoughts turmoil Wealth

The Story of a Family.

It was only  few years back,

The  family’s going was good ,

The pride was  extremely high,

The cheer was delightfully great,

Naturally, its arrogance was exorbitant.


The family made  a loud show off,

A gross vanity was  directly found,

A rudeness was  always practised,

A  total disrespect to all was shown,

Its  impudence was  absolutely unbearable.


Today the scenario has changed,

The progress has been stalled by their insincerity,

Their prosperity has eroded considerably,

Their  prestige has been lost effectively

Still they have not  realised the reality.


It is a pity to see the family ,

Facing a loss of enormous wealth

Seeing its vast properties auctioned,

Experiencing an untold misery and shame,

Still unable to accept the fault which they committed.


Examining the plight of the family straight,

Traced the folly of the person at the helm,

It was an unmindful expansion all through,

Neatly setting aside a sizeable portion for him,

Landing the business in an unprecedented  debacle.


The team of husband and wife strove hard,

Built an empire by thoughtful moves,

Engaged themselves in philanthropic activities,

Handed everything to one son by love or ploy ,

Saw the whole thing crash like a pack of cards.


Favouring a  part of their  own family most,

Shelling out a  fruitful fraction to the other part,

Taking away mercilessly what was given from one child,

Making her languish in disappointment and tears,

Caused the family to suffer immensely.