A Lady I know.

ot possible to find such a person.

The lady of esteem
has a great a steam
She being dignified
and majestic in her looks
has a sharp screening eyes
and a lovely reasoning skill.
Speaks little with an understanding
Speaks truth without demanding
knowing well that truth is hard

Carrying herself elegantly
keeps t herself away from the crowd
Participating in occasions important
restraining from gathering unimportant
this being her way of life
right from the early years.

Hospitable she would be
in measured terms and outlook
not throwing extravagance
Spends she at reasonable levels
restraining from the irrational status.
This has been her schedule for long
right from her early years.

Family is prominent in her thought
Caring her husband and children
has been her stride always
She kept close to her sons in their formative age.
This has been her design for long
right from the early years,

Meantime she has lost many an opportunity
has forgotten many an interest
abandoned many a pursuit
But kept going with the family in its flow
fearing any distraction would halt the progress.
This has been her endearment for long
right from the early years

Losing herself in the milieu
she has gained a lot in the avenue
standing top of all the habitude
as a lady with a triumphant husband
and a mother with successful children
It is time for her to designate herself though late
and go about her life with her pursuits in the coming years.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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