Mind And Body.

An exhausted body and mind together
yearned for a rest altogether
Being a remote possibility in this juncture
but a required action at the momentMyHealth_Sleep_excessSleepiness2
has to take place extending a pull out
from the rigour and vigour of life
taking to a place of rest and pleasure
where the body would get a nourishment vital
and the mind a refreshment much awaited
bringing in a harmony of the mind and body
to a working of great coordination and function.



Lies shoot up
from unknown corners and stones
at unexpected moment.

Lies come together
in multitudes one after another
dramatizing the whole.

Lies are evil
not dignified and totally unpardonable
a quality debased. lies


Life Boat.

It is a big boat
a life saving boat
carrying people
at times of danger
and depositing them
in places of safety.
It stood there
on the shores
of a mighty ocean
in anticipation of storm
or any untoward incident.
The ocean was normal
flowing with tides calm
and the ships were moving
in strides safe
while there was a busy
thorough fare of business
and traffic
the harbour nearby
deftly handling
the transactions.
The life boat seemed
unnecessary at that juncture
but is a must
as none can predict
storms and turbulence
Curiously so in real life too
a security is essential
that should be handy
and keeping vigil at a vantage point
to avoid risks and disturbance
Security in the form of
cash monetary wise
and strong TitanicLifeboatWsupport to lean on.


The Downtrodden—-Haiku

Know not what.
Know not what it is.
Something really sordid.

Sordid it is.
Sdowntroddenordid how far know not.
Something really bothering.

Bothering it is
Bothering how much know not.
Something really intriguing.

Intriguing it is
Intriguing how well know not.
Something really disgusting.

It is nothing
a trampling of the downtrodden
robbing the equanimity.


Lording over.

Extravagant in words
Liberal in behaviour
stingy in spending
bereft of thinking
are the characteristics
of a man known to me
known to me not alone
but to you also
in a place familiar to me
familiar to me not alone
but also to you
speaking rotten
and talking nonsense
at places public
has been his way
and he does this in perfect sway
thinking he is great
and assuming himself to be lord
holding court with a few “Yes” men
who get kick backs for their
passive obedience and acceptance
and who laugh over his foolery
once he goes out of sight
I see you chuckle
which gives out
that you also know him
or persons like him.lording over.



Noting has no value
it is no thing rather
Going deep into it
we trace that there is a thing
The thing has little value for sure
Everything becomes something
in course of time
and something becomes nothing
in the passing of day.
So it goes that nothing becomes something
when we add meaning to it
and gains to be everything
with fondling colours and dreams.nothing
Nothing is a credible factor
getting you a long way
and would probably lead you to heights
By saying I know nothing
many have risen to the top.
Mind you, my friend
Do not ignore “Nothing”.


High Drama

It is a drama I am envisaging
A drama that takes me by surprise.
The characters are behaving quixotic
leading to a sequence distorted.
what is the next should hole one in suspense.And-i-end-my-boring-day-with-this-drawing-total-drama-island-8145593-400-225
here it is a suspense no doubt but with no sense.
The drama does not make me laugh or cry
it does not incite any sensation.
it is a boring with the actors playing nonsense
creating an insensible dramatisation.
There seems to be lot of walk overs
in the beginning and in the middle
and an alarmingly big exodus
towards the end of it
The curtains come down with none to cheer.