The Shock of her Life.

Gradually coming out of the shock
looking dazed and exhausted
with tears running down her cheeks
and she biting her lips to control her sobs
walks out in a staggering manner
to the aisle and looks out
at the open area under the blue skies
feeling her life has turned the same way
as the open ground
with none to tend it for the better
but left it abandoned to itself
allowing nature to take care of it.
Yet there were very few plants
with lovely flowers growing on their own
and grass shooting up unkempt
appearing with tufts and sparse
growth in and out.
Consoling herself she comes to reality
that whatever might be the consequences
she should live with a determination
and there are some good souls that would come to her
and keep her occupied.
Strength and fearlessness should guide her through
and without any doubt she would come up in life
as she is best known for her right decisions .
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Blasts and After.

Had a scintillating start
in a most eventful day
while it was getting high
there was a blast
that brought a silence
a piquant silence
knowing not what to do
and from where it came from
there was a deadly inertness
and the program came to a halt.
People ran from one end to the other
dashing against each other
tumbling over one another
pulling the tables and chairs
upside down to a chaotic motion
speeding for their life
While there was a mad exodus
another blastFrench-Apartment-Building-Collapses was heard
and the building started to give way
cracking down and falling into crumbles.
There was a debris to clear up the next day
hoping no life loss would be ahead
as the first shot was a signal to clear off.
Anyhow there arouse an unpleasant feeling
and an expression of dismay and fear got headway
making one to lose faith in humanityon the whole.



Each individual is different
Each country is not similar
Each counts in everything
and it is the each that makes all things.
It might sound a generalised statement
but it is in fact a particular stand
that goes to make all things in harmony
with an impact of variation
prompting to a colossal adaptation of the dissimilaritydissimilarity
with the bondage and holding together
every other insinuations in a hold
leading to a graceful existence in bold.


One Step Back.

Cimages (13)hildren fight for things they want
and if they do not get it
they enter it blows
making the whole unpleasant.

Adults do it more subtly
or shall I say most crudely too
by killing and murdering
the opponent in cold blood.

So do the nations
by warring with each other
over some transactions
losing many innocent lives.

A patience or a tolerance
let it be anything
step aside and see
you would find a resolution.

Blows by children
murder by adults.
and war by nations
would be not there.


Watching It Live.

While the cultivation was in process
the farmer and his wife came to personal inspection.
The men and women were in their best moods
singing happily as they sow the seeds
Their song reflected mirth and joy
befitting the celebration of growth.
The women made peculiar sound by holding the lips together
while the men engaged in sowing responded to their women’s call
with a moderate song of love and prosperity.
As everything around reverberated with glee
there were the birds too who participated in the cultivation
by tweeting to their loved ones who came rushing
and pecked on the seeds that went astray while sowing
The farmer’s dog which was keeping vigil all along
started his choir by barking softly
and nudging his forehead against the farmer’s hand and playing
with the men who were busy in the field.
It was splendid to watch and a splendour on the go.
Those of you who are closeted in high raised apartments
glued to the T.V and ipsowing have missed out
the fastidious scenario extolling an exhilaration.


The Red Rose Near.

The little red rose over there
beckons all for long
to see her colour shimmering in the sun
images (12)and her soft petals softer than anything
a touch would bring it down
a watch would be enough she says
a lovely look would take us over
a kind notice would make prosper
while the red rose is calling and calling
the human race is going on busy
having no time to see the natural beauty
but having enough space to sit and watch
the nature’s loveliness in pictures and in T.V relays with a look agog
and talking to each other about the beauty that is shown
while right before them there lies a bounteous
that goes unnoticed bringing to mind
that familiarity breeds contempt.


To The Progeny

SpoonSettling the accounts was never her forte.
Settling bills too escaped her attention.
Liking to buy things when she wants
whether needed or not was not her look out.
she bought not one or two
but purchased in scores
telling herself that she is collecting them
so as the next generation or the next-next generation
would find it useful and precious.
So saying she had a volume of gold in kilograms
and silver too double that of gold
with the treasure of diamonds
all not kept in lockers but in her wardrobe
lying there uncared as though they were not of value.
The bills were paid by her staff deputed by her husband
and on she went with her shopping spree.
Well, now with the gold price shooting up
and the silver and diamond equally getting above
she would pass on to her generations
enormous wealth all which could be carried in hand
Truly, she is a farsighted lady bestowed with financial planning.