Daily Archives: May 7, 2013


With a day drawing to a close.
Winding up everything in a chose.
Taking list of the activities in a pose.
Counting the dimes spent in a course.
while the eyes are enforcing a throes.
the mind goes on deliberating the pros
the cons get ahead in toes
weighing the inclusions in tens
considering the intrusions in a sense
adjusting the spectacle’s lens
browsed through the categories dense
selecting the best from them in all intense
briskly incorporated them without pretense
concluding the day’s work with impeccable sustenance.
at the stoke of midnight know notfast-asleep-koyasansleep came from whence.

All Through.

Snow falling know not I
as I am in a hot country
where I see only the bright sun
almost all through.
At times I see storm and rain
Rain pouring incessantly
flooding the roads
invading the towns
making life impossible.
The sun scorches
all day long
extending a sweat
and a thirst
That be the place
where I lived and live.
all through
my life. snow fall.

Not I

Cry not i
when saddened.
Shy not I
when ridiculed
Ply not I
when burdened.
Tie not I
when laden.
Fly not i
when driven.
Die not i
when forsaken.
Standing always
for the down trodden.down trodden.

German Measles

It was a sensation peculiar
a kind of itch not clear.
turning red and pink in a gear.

With the heat mounting steep
the feeling got so deep
making one unable to sleep.

Could it be a plain rash?
or would it be an epidemical lash?
that breaks out with seasonal clash.

The fever rose high
with the rashes going more red
than the gush of blood.

it is a case of German Measles
that has broken out in a stroke
catching the old and young in a yoke.

Lasting for a couple of days
finally went away as it came in an efface
leaving a temporary set back in place.

The Paramour.

A bird was hopping on the grass
while another one went behind in a flash
tracking all through perhaps a lass.

The bird went to and fro shunning the lass
while the friend trotted behind in a slash
seeming to pacify the former with a crash.

The former took in speed from the grass
while the paramour flew behind in a dash
as though intending to offer a hash.

Perceiving them I had a story not trash
looking at the birds from behind the glass
lest going in front would distract them in a bash.

birds chasing.

Phoenix In The Run

She being lively
has lost her liveliness
to the extraneous
in a sudden out break
of emotional upheaval
that has made her sullen
and sombre way beyond
any attribution of reason.

To bring her back to normal
miracles have to take place
that would restore her cheer
requiring a spontaneous backing
to revive her to her normal cheer
If these be put into force emphatically
she might turn around definitely
and regain her mirth and charisma
like a phoenix in the run . phoenix