Song of Inebriate

The piping hot food
and the blowing hot wind
and a sweltering heat around
gave a perspiration tremendous

Accustomed to eating hot
the food burnt the tongue
making it quite painful
and presenting an uneasiness.

The breeze that ran through
penetrated through the cheeks
making it angry red
diffusing a pretty discomfort.

The exhuming temperature
rose to novel heights
tending to get with sweat
distributing an unbearable warmth.

With the hot palate
and a hot temperate
along with a hot rebate
ending up asburnt tongue a song of inebriate


Rains Think.

The rains do not come down
They stand up without falling
They think as to fall or not.
Thinking they stand atop without falling
Thinking a lot they move away from the slot. images (6)
Leaving the land down below to rot
and the people to walk long for a pot of water.


Right On All Sides.

Right in front
was a man with grunt
expressing a brunt.

Right at back
was a man in black
lying on slack.

Right on side
was a man on ride
going on stride.

Right on top
was a man standing atop
posing a stop
images (5)

Right down below
was a man not shallow
nice to follow.


A Mismatch Loving To Watch

Forty years ago
it was a mismatch
loving to watch
and hard to snatch
being a good catch.
He being tall
slim and handsome
She with a medium height
and a sturdy built
with an impressive spark
He walking through
in stride long
she taking quick short steps
He taking life as it comes
she going about with a fervour
he an introvert
within the family
She a stalwart
in the inner circle.
Hee moved with ease with the people around
where she had her own limitations
to get along with facility
He thinks much about himself
and it was always the “I”
that comes first
She loves her family giving it a priority
especially to her children and their welfare
pushing the “I” behind.
The two have been holding hands together
not for one or two years
but for forty long years
bearing children and incidentally
giving way to grand children
away they go in mirth
hand in hand
with a quip and a skip
with anger and joy
all mixed in one go
They move forward in life
with the hope of
getting away together very quickCOUPLE WALKING.


The Challenge.

It was a peculiar event
crossing me by chance
without any real access
never intended to participate
as I never knew about it
but pulled in by a strange force
wherein it came i do not know
but it put me in the middle
blinking widely with my large eyes.
without knowing what to do
without understanding how to proceed
got into the milieu
and presided over the event
uttering something
relevant or irrelevant
I know not but got through it
with an ease and completed it
with a comfort never once fumbling
Well, a gift I possess
to get over any eventuality without difficulty.
The experience taught me a well designed philosophy
that tomeeting the challenge meet the challenge with a bite
you are sure to emerge triumphant.


All Through.

Having got no praise all through
having to cope with life all through
with reprimands and criticisms all through
with admonitions and displeasure all through
whatever I do all through
whatever efforts I put all through
goes vain all through
getting me nowhere all through
sailing in the same ocean all through
waiting for freedom all through
not got it all through
will surely reach it all though
with again falls and falters all reprimandsthat remains.