Daily Archives: May 23, 2013

Face Value.

Taking everything for the face value
has been his habit for long
Believed in everything that was said
You might call him a knave
but truly he is an intellect.
You might dub him an imbecile
but really he is docile still creditable..
You might accord him a degradation
but in reality you should give him a promotion.
He is a believer in truth
and feels everyone talks truth nothing else
while here everyone talks everything
other than truth in leaps and bounds.
Being a staunch believer and rigorous follower of principles
he is finding it hard to comprehend the worldly words.
So he takes up everything for their face value.
A true man living amidst fakes and liars.MEME

A Story In a Cobweb.

Telling stories has been his practice long.
Telling them with twists and turns are his belong
Morning he gives one narration wit the turn
and the evening sets the turn into a twist
making the listener to hold in suspense
till the next morning when there is yet another swirl.
The receiver has no other chance but to hear
the stories with a daze and a freeze.
Mystery would play a second fiddle to his technique
as he goes on building lies after lies
in quick succession mesmerizing the listener
and he himself loses track of his scroll
as the multitude of lies come like a swarm of bees
besieging the audience and the narrator one at the same time.
The story hastwists and turns. no start and end proper
as it is entwined over a net improper
it is a cobweb of lies atranger than fiction
and very difficult to clean up the intensity
with which they intricately spin in a bobbin
creating a story of irrelevance.

At Loggerheads.

at loggerheads.The mind is at loggerheads
most of the time it is so
wavering and oscillating
in a manner not known
every time in a new sway.
The question is how to go?
what to do next?
keeps on haunting the mind
which getting assaulted
all the time by the heart throbs
staggers in a most alarming manner
unable to take a decision and if at all it takes
it gets dissuaded by the heart’s queries.
Throwing the heart far way is the only way
to arrive at a conclusion and for progress.
But would it be possible to throw it away
as it is the vital organ for any living being.
With a smile at the knave’s indulgence trying to impart
it is not a throw literally
but setting it aside and then get along
A sure method to proceed.
Will you go ahead anyway??


rude.Rude is a word that sounds crude
With the sound being so bawdy
the action would be truly cloudy
hurting the person who receives it
but providing pleasure to the one that extends.
Using words wicked might be lively to some
as they feel they are up above the world
atop a prime slot perched on the heights.
The rudeness would strike them back lie a vampire
piecing them into fragments and shredding them into nothing.
Rude be you not to anyone at any time at any cost
is my humble plea to all those who read this little treaty.