Daily Archives: May 27, 2013

Old Familiar Faces.

Taking a long walk
round the lake
in the late evening
saw many familiar faces
which had gone through
lot of changes over the years.images (11)
A friend who was so robust and healthy
looked thin and meagre.
The other one with a pleasant figure
slim and elegant and trim
had accumulated flesh round the waist
Another one who was tall and handsome
had developed a double chin
and had a small protruding paunch
while the last one I saw
looked so energetic and cheerful
much against his older version
of exhaustion and fatigue.
Amused to see them all in such stature
completed my walk and reached home
wondering what would they all have thought
of my posture and composure.
Really ,a point to ponder.

The Great Story Teller

My mother has a daughter
fair and lovely
with thick black hair
and big laughing eyes .
She is a nice child at times
but naughty most of the time.
My mother scolds her all the same
for not keeping quiet and breaking things.
My father always takes her in his arms
whether she be good or bad
it does not matter to him.
she loves him the most
but no, no she loves her mother too
for if she knows she likes her not
she would give a big pinch.
please do not tell her
what i told you it is but a secret.
The little daughter is no other girl
it is me ,me. cried my grand-daughter.

As told by her when she. came to see me some time back.1210197855gi2dw1

Eating The Cream.

Eating the cream
and leaving the pie
has been his habit
gulps every delicacy
as soon as it is laid
quickly and avariciously
This culture has been inbred
and he has inherited it
from his ancestors perhaps
I know not from whom
or is it his quality private
as the years have made him old .
lest, what a fool
am I to think like that
as he is a find
from the lower
coming from a family
which has money
but no culture
and added to that
ha has no basic education
to amend and go through
life in fashion. images (10)

Eruption and Friction.

A well manicured lawn.
a stretch of green with a shine
looking like a green carpet
with no designs but plain
plain throughout without
ups and downs or bumps and flats
pleasing to the eyes
giving to the eyes a pleasant treat wise
as the eyes have been always seeing
concrete structures tall and high
without anything green around
as all the trees and plants have been felled down
to host the tall sky scrapers in the bound
presenting a lifeless idiom of mechanism
with tall high risers installing air conditioners on each floor
getting high and high is a process
stifling to the environment on whole
as it has to bear all the structural weight
without any sharing as sizes broad would give a spread out
and be less taxing leaving the Mother earth in an equal balanced gravity
whilst the floors over floors images (9)pressure the land
more and more to a situation
when it could tolerate no more
but burst angrily like a furious volcano

Tale of Greed.

Greed takes you to places
long away and not imaginable.
With the greed overwhelming
you would find yourself
in a place of fortune where everything
is fantastic and fastidious all in a bloom
wallowing in wealth while swallowing other peoples money.
This being one part of the game
when greed surpasses and surmounts
it would take you to a place least thought of
least interested in and more or less a place
which hosts disdain and terror in a mix
where corrupt and criminal get in
where robbers and murderers join hands
and where the hands are cuffed
where you have to put up with
immeasurable rudeness and unfathomable hardships
sentenced to jail waiting in tenseionimages (8)
for your lawyer to come and take you in bail.
Really do you need to possess such a quality?
Think before you desire.