The Thugs Transform

The days of thugs are over.
They are found no more.
that is what I believed so far
That is not is so true.

Thugs of yesterthugsyears are not found
as they used to be long days sound
They have taken a guise varied in a round
too much simple and down to the ground.

Thugs of yore came in the dark night
covering with a black blanket
painting themselves black to look dark
stealthily moving in with a big wooden stick.

The modern thugs call themselves pick pockets
addressed by all as robbers and thieves who wear a locket
stylishly dressed like a corporate executive in colors light.
bright and neat working in the broad sunlight.

They operate in the crowded stations and loot
They get into the banks open the safe in suite
They then tap the ATM’s taking cash with credit cards
of someone whom they had earlier abetted by a fraud.

So goes the story of thugs with a continuation
where reforms have caused a transformation
with thousands growing progressively into millions
while the nights have gone out of fashion.


The Frog Wishes.

Opening the window in the morning
the frog jumped to wish ” Good Morning”
With the day’s work pending
I walked off briskly in a hurry the frog
wishing him no “Good Morning.”

Getting things in hectic speed.
The newspapers ready to read
the cooking on the verge of feed
bathing and dressing up in a lead
the thought of frog went without any need.

Packing things up in acceleration
locking all doors and windows with attention
closing the kitchen almost in tension
made way out in a sensation
met the little frog greeting with relation.


Aspire And Acquire.

Getting to know little
we talk much.
Getting in hand very little
we spend much.
Getting to have learnt little
we speak much.
The very little we imbibe
in knowledge and learning
and possess as wealth
should induce us
to aspire for more and more
much has to be acquired.


The Child’s Play. —— Haiku

Crying all night
disturbing the parents all through
enjoyed all day.

The parents worked
without any rest all day
to night watch child cries


Twine And Join —— Haiku

Conjunctions and prepositions
join words into meaningful sentences
lest they break.

Meaning makes most.
Conjunctions-main_Full seamless twining goes ahead
with thrilling effects.