Sleeps There The Man

images (1)It was an award
for the great action
It was a reward
for the efforts.

For him awards and rewards
are nothing great .
Very ordinary and simple affords
not a thing to state.

Going about his way
helping the poor
looking out for the needy
giving ever.

He earned a lot
spent little
gave away a lot
for no title.

He remained unknown
away from the crowd
took it as a borne
feeling never proud.

He died one day
There was a big gathering
Each one praised him all day
It was amazing.

He had told none
about his activities
Everyone was stunned
to hear about his diversities.

Sleeps there the man
who was always quiet
but had earned lot of fans
seen on his last day right.


Talking To The Son

The emotions got her choked
leaving her speechless .
Her heart was heavy with a burden
keeping it within herself was stifling
Called her son who was abroad
knowing not what time it was
As soon as the receiver was taken
she started to tOld-Woman-In-A-Telephone-Conversation-With-Mobile-Phone-1161bf6alk to the person
damn sure that it was her son on the line
She went on and on pouring out her feelings
On the other end there was a patient listening.
finally she cried impatiently” do you hear me?”
An unfamiliar voice answered in a unfamilair way.
“Mam ,i heard your talk with such emotions
before I could tell you that I am not your son
you started off in such speed nonstop.
My heart goes out to you and I feel for you.
She trembling closed down thanking the patient listener.
Yet her heart now was light.


The Broom

There was a broom
in the big room
near the attic
lying static

None used it
but it was fit
With a big stick
and easy to pick.

Why was it lying there?
in a place bare
No one knew
being nothing new.

The idle things
always stings
They need to be thrown
without a frown.

None does so
piling up in a show
things unwanted
in places most wanted.

Learn to condemn
and redeem broom
both in life material
and in abstract arterial.


My Little Girl

My little girl went for swimming
getting up early in the morning.
The water was pretty cold
but she entered into it quite bold
The instructor was demonstrating the strokes
Two other children were following in spokes.
My little one paid no heed to it at all
and refused to listen to her teacher’s call.
The instructor asked her to get to the lessons.
but my girl took the watering can without any reason.
While the teacher was busy teaching the other three
she poured the water on the teacher’s head with glee..
Surprised and shocked the instructor pulled my girl
and dumped her into the water twice in a whirl.
My little one came out withoutswim-lesson-party-3 a tear in her eyes.
i have to tell her to be polite and nice.