A Cat On The Wall

A black cat sat on the wall
He was black as coal.
pure black and shining on whole
with whiskers long and strong
and looks sharp and on wrong
was perched on it for long.

Looking at it for a while
was impressed by its style
sitting pretty with a bushy tail
seemed to think in a trail
the events that had sailed.

He sat there firm and decided
No thought of taking sides.
Looked unfazed like a statue
apparently thinking of avenues
to get going in an aptitude
releasing itself from servitude.

The cat at the most opportune moment
jumped from the wall on to the pavement.
Started to run in speed without turning
towards the woods in a winding
On reaching moved into the dense
away from the wall and the master thence.

Black Cat


Feel Of Touch

mother embraceing<emThe feel of touch is different.
Contexts play in the affront.
A mother,s touch is a blessing
as it is a fusion of love and care.
A lover's touch is a passion
as it blends romance and love.
The doctor's touch is a heal
as it diagnoses and directs.

Physical proximity have a say
commanding a respect and a detest.
Embracing is an outward display of love lover's embrace.that of a mother's and a lovers
The hug of a mother is affection
The entwining of a lover too is affection
There lies a difference between the two
that of a show understandable.

Motherly advances are subtle with a placidity
The lover's intimacy is ebullient with excitement
The distinction is marked carrying it with a solace.
Cordiality has a silver touch that has to be handled
with a skill and tact bringing out a configuration
of amour and rapture in measured levels
providing a base for further build up while
executing a resolution of immense pleasure.


Work Culture

Getting to work
has different looks.
Diligence is found in few
engrossment is seen in some.
Working with sincerity
is noticed in few
Doing it for the sake
is the attitude of many.
So goes the work
with a like and a dislike
with a compulsion to fulfil
where quality shrinks
and quantity overtakes
where pay packets play a role
and indulgence keeps out
seducing a withdrawal
and a thought to work
for the sake of it
working to keep the fire burning
for the reliability in society
together with the necessity for survival
and an edge over sustenance.

work culture


Rise _Out Of Control

With the rise of sun
and the rise of inflationinflation
there is a an inebriation
and a madness in station
releasing an apprehension
of the future and its propositions
as pay offs and pay outs of dispositions
have gone beyond any substitution
stressing on to a depression
leading to a drop in economical positions
allowing no discounts and no concessions
besieged with innumerable trials and tribulations
there departs the genial and benign transactions.


Noisy And Quiet —— Haiku

dog_barkingSaw a dog
barking at everyone on road
looked very bold.

Saw another one
sitting quiet in a corner
seemed a loner.

A stone hurled
made the first one run
the other remained.


Leave The Rose.

Enamoured by the beauty of rose
refrain from plucking them
Seeing any one disturbing the flower
I experience a shiver and a tremor
Touching it gently would cause
slight irritation to the loveliness
The violent grab would create
a distraction and severe the poise.
Anything beautiful should be seen
from a distance with distinction
while even a deep breath
would harm the rose and lead to a fall
A shake and a pluck would pull out
the grace from its state of equanimity
making it dead and lifeless in no time.

Rose flower.


Small Things

I remember not great things
I remember small things
that pass out unnoticed
that gets out notsmall things. transcribed
not knocking anyone’s attention
passing out like the clouds
that bring no rain
as small things to believe
bring no effect good or bad.


A Concert Remains

The gathering was getting restless
as there was an unusual delay
To keep them quiet, a less
known troupe gave an array
of dances not to the standard nevertheless
kept the assembled occupied in a play.

The impatience subsided to a silence.
The dances stretched for an hour or more
without holding the people’s likable reference
The hosts sensing that it would lead to a tremor
had to announce a cancellation with due reverence
keeping in mind the sentiments of the gathering all the more.

The assembly dispersed in a note of disappointment
Some murmuring about the inefficiency of the hosts
Others angrily talking about the waste of time and commitment.
The arrangements went without any use almost lost
the entire money added there was total resentment.
making one feel the difficulties in planning a toast..