Inflation Hits Me.

Inflation hits high
Prices have gone up.
Everything is dear.
complains the cook
grumbles the chauffeur,
mumbles the gardener
voices the security guard.
We need a hike not marginal
but a liberal they say altogether.
A security alarm, I feel.inflation
Dumbfounded watch them gesticulate
and hear them patiently
feeling who would grant me a hike
as inflation has also hit me badly.
Pensive I sat there like a dumbbell
Then decided to accede
as otherwise my work would recede
with an inlay of selfish pursuit.


Rise _Out Of Control

With the rise of sun
and the rise of inflationinflation
there is a an inebriation
and a madness in station
releasing an apprehension
of the future and its propositions
as pay offs and pay outs of dispositions
have gone beyond any substitution
stressing on to a depression
leading to a drop in economical positions
allowing no discounts and no concessions
besieged with innumerable trials and tribulations
there departs the genial and benign transactions.

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Down Goes Everything.

Down goes the gold price,

Down goes the silver price,

Down goes the oil price,

Down goes the stock price,

Inflation alone  goes  directly up commonly.


It is something very peculiar,

It is something very puzzling,

It is something very unnerving,

It is something very touchy,

Inflation alone goes rightly  up undisturbed.



The economy of U.S .is bewildering,

The economy of Greece is dwindling,

The economy of U.S is  masquerading,

The economy of India is depleting,

Inflation alone goes firmly  up  altogether


There is a whirlwind in some parts,

There is a storm in certain areas,

There is a flood in a particular place,

There is an earthquake in a specific territory,

Inflation alone goes steadily up everywhere.




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Economy And Inflation -Growing Together

Article first published as Economy and Inflation – Growing Together on Blogcritics.

Growth is a healthy phenomenon. If growth gets stagnated, the world would be in turmoil.  Recently there has been an unprecedented growth in prices. Precious metals have reached a new peak. Oil saw a hike and retreated.  The price of land and buildings is high. Last but not least, prices of vegetables and cereals are getting out of the grip of the average man.

Inflation is worldwide, as recession is global. The International Monetary Fund’s food price index has risen by 29% in the last six months. The high inflation on primary articles is more on account of supply side constraints. Prices of most staples have nearly doubled, while productivity and yield have risen marginally.

India , which is emerging as an economic force to reckon with, is struggling to fight inflation. The Reserve Bank of India, as always, is fighting a lone battle. Retail price of wheat in Delhi has risen by 90%, while production increased by 16% and the yield went up by 4.5%. Sugar prices have doubled,onion prices have tripled, and pulses have more than doubled.Prices are stubbornly high. A fall in prices is not seen in the near future.

In India , it runs so,

a kilo of onions costs Rs 65 ($1.44)
a liter of petrol costs Rs 65 ($1.44)
a bottle of beer costs Rs 65 ($1.44)

India practises socialism. Do not the above quotes substantiate its proclamation?

As the Indian economy grows, more and more people are moving out of poverty and joining the teeming middle class.The population is becoming self reliant as there is shift towards a low dependency ratio.  Twenty years from now there will be a rise in the working age population from 1022 million to 7812 million. India will have more mouths to feed.

The chance of achieving a double digit growth looks dim as food inflation is taking its toll. To harness growth and development the government should focus on increasing agricultural production.

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Inflation Hits India hard.

Article first published as Inflation Hits India Hard on Blogcritics.

Inflation is at its height in India.

A kilo of onions costs 50 rupees (that’s about $1.10 in a country where the average per capita annual income is under $450).

Raw onion is the poor man’s side dish in India, but the escalation in prices has left him with no alternative: his diet is now only rice. The government, soaked in scams and scandals, is not capable of curbing the soaring prices. The political opposition is stiff and vehement. The administration is paralysed.

Parliament was not able to hold its winter sessions. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in a tight corner. His ally, the southern-based DMK, has taken him to the verge of resignation. The Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority of India, is looking into cases of misappropriation of funds. The Central Bureau of Investigations is engaged in probing ministers, officials, and their aides who participated in the scams. In recent months there has been essentially no governance.

The disruptions have led to discontent among the people. They yearn for a change. But the choices are limited. The BJP, which was in power a few years back, is also not free from aberrations. Its drawbacks force the people to think twice.

There is crisis in every state. Andhra Pradesh is facing the Telengana revolt. Tamilnadu is in the grip of maladministration. Karnataka is in trouble, with an unstable coalition government. West Bengal had a spate of shootings and bloodshed a month ago.

The inflationary trend, which ranges from 12-13%, has led the Reserve Bank of India to hike interest rates.

The average Indian is feeling desperate. To survive, he needs an iron will. But, as always, he must struggle to sustain himself. He knows no happiness

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Sonnet on Inflation

September saw a rise,

Of unexpected highs ,

In gold , silver and stocks,

Demanding a  courageous pluck,

To compromise  with the unforeseen luck

The trend  kept the mind in fear,

While the heart went near,

The  expensive luminosity,

The brightness of the metal  is  great,

In terms of movement,

The surging is crucifying,

In relation to buying,

Leaving us in  tight corners,

Making us   loathsome  borrowers.



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Inflation Negative.

Inflation is not growing . It is showing negative trends. This is being propounded by all Indian Newspapers and newswires. I have my own doubts.

Today the government has announced a rise in petrol prices by 4Rs and diesel prices  by 2 Rs. This will give a jump in fares of public transport system. The common man will be affected. The trains will increase the cost of the tickets. Airlines will jack the  fare with the escaltion in fuel cost. They will  air lift the taxes.The freight despatches will become expensive. This will ultimately promote enhancement in the cost of provisions, vegetables and fruits. The manufacturing industry will be accruing heavy toll in the procurement of raw materials and outbound conveyance of finished goods. The circle is  painstakingly completed.

The price of  essential commodities like rice which was sold at 20 Rs / kilogram last year , is sold at 40 Rs  now. This price is for the uality rice. Simaltaneous hike is revealed in other food stuff also. Dhal is up by 20%. Tamarind by 50%. Sugar by 12%. coffee by 60%, Tea nearly40%. Vegetables are not left out. Tomatoes are range bound from 20 Rs -30 Rs.Potatoes remain constant. Carrot, beans, brinjal , cauliflower have shot up. Peas and capsicum are touching new highs. Onions and garlic have increased marginally.The fruits also reckon high growth in prices. Oranges and grapes are fetching high  money.Coconut is the only commodity that is facing inflation negative.

So much so . with the commodities sector ,which are raked by the rising . The precious metals shine so costly that the up rise is beyond comprehension. A gram of gold is about 1369Rs. Silver is no lesser than the yellow metal . It is about 23.90 Rs per gram..The land value is putting me in deep deliberation. A piece of land which was sold for Rs a few years  back is  1. 5 million now.  A  small time  land owner will automatically become a millionaire . What a phenomenal rise. All things make me swoon, render me dizzy. I need help both physically and financially to survive the test of times. But , I see no light.

Yet the government calls it out that there is down trend in inflation. The little economics ,I know , makes me count otherwise. How do the analysts reckon such a data? I am at a loss to understand the principles of economy. The rudiments of business never get into  my head. I feel ,there is something radically wrong in my upper chamber.God forbid!