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Make In India For India

It is a long time since
heard a voice rise up hence
not one from the people
but from the powerful
not he a politician of credit
but a bureaucrat of merit
not with an ordinary post in terms
one of the top executives very firm
talks, not in tune with a government
speaks a little different with atonement
says he that “Made in India
should change as “Make In India for India”make For India
truly he is a man “Made In India:
and behaves like “Made For India”
as he stays back in his country
with his overseas honours degrees
an Indian who acts with prudence
not obeys with undue reverence
Hope, you got my reference
he is Raguram Rajan a man with a difference.
(The Governor of Reserve Bank Of India)


Link The Rivers.

The linkingrivers of rivers
has been on the air
that should happen on the soil
finds its place on the clouds
long it has been the topic
discussed and designed
all issues dealt mentally
never saw its light physically
if only the linking takes place
the Indian sub-continent
would be the great benefactor
punctuated by floods and paucity
the surplus would be diverted
to the driest place
saving the drought hit
and the inundated area
all at the same time .


India Goes For Elections.

The elections on the way
the Indian sub continent bustles all day
with parties holding talks throughout
going for a combination not feasible utmost
still pursuing for the sake of elections
then after that break with no restrictions.

The feverish days are well advancing
along with the fiery sun ranging in delirium
the parties busy with their electoral promises
drafting their speeches with statistical treatise
pitching candidates not seeing their capacity
mostly relying on their monetary possibility .

The country known for its brains and keen insight
falls short when it comes to the elections straight
thinking not of the long run that which the country needs at present
going by the short-sighted throw awayselections of the most recent
wherein the parties excel in luring the people easily
with their not so rightful derivatives relatively


The Distinctive Strains.

The distinctions of the two countries

keep me at the anvil

one being laid back  and clean

the other being buzzing and unclean.


The countries I talk about

being varied in ethnic

all religions stay put and  abound

one with three races in the round.


The languages and dialects in one

becomes countless in the go

with some without alphabets

only going by the talking


The other being a settlement

with one race claiming to be native

the other two coming  for livelihood

having  enriched the land  of occupation.


The ancient land with a heritage

and a beautiful culture

known for its great stature

remains so in the annals .


The second one being a small nation

when held in close  comparison with the other

has a compact land area and population

with fertility being its chosen play.


The ancient land teeming

and bustling with men

holds the pride in technical  front

yet is being locked in corruption.


The same goes with this peninsula

for that matter  the distinctions go amiss

as both countries  are peninsular

being equally corrupt.


The discriminations being dealt so far

being marked in areas of density  and cleanliness

earmark the  validity of the nations 1-3122India and Malaysia

that lie in the Asian continent,














Namaste And Salaam

hamsa-damayanthiIt is namaste that greets me
wherever I go around the world
seeing me in saree that looks different
in my own country where saree being the national dress
as women move about in pants and T-shirts
and my bindi which is another incongruity
largely round in my forehead shining red
which too has become obsolete in my country
where women go with no marks on the forehead
or the bare minimum being a tiny dot
that is not visible from a distance long
but could be noted in close quarters
with a salaam I an shown a place not at the back
but given to take a prominent position
right in the front among the very important
granting me great respect and warmth
which others in modern attire do not get
Proud to be in my own attire with the saree
draped around with pleets and folds
a perfect dress in which I feel at home
whilst the other modern attires seem something out-of-place
very much alien to me while I wonder
how people move about in such forms
that get tight and strain the muscle
forsaking the comforts of the loose
almost an enviable six yard cloth
that needs no stitching and requires no fittings.
Like my sari namaste is also so loving to me
keeping me at home at any part of the world
as I tend to wander all over the world
while a salaam chooses a precious
salutations that make me know that I am being
acknowledged by my Muslim brothers as well
Namaste ans salaam are an integral part of my life.
having one foot in the Indian subcontinent
and the other planted in the Malaysian peninsula


Indians At Loggerheads

Went back to India after a long time.
Setting the house and sprucing it up
took a few hundreds of rupees from the accountIndian
in case I needed to buy things
as tomorrow being a Sunday.

The bank staff looked at me with disbelief
I knew not for what and why
coming back home my friend called
We had a long chat over the telephone
She said that a kilo of onion costs Rs 90.

She went on with prices of other commodities
where petrol price has been hiked
a litre costs RS 83 and kilo of rice 60 Rs.
and LPG cylinder costs 500 Rs.
Hearing nothing more I glanced at the currency I had.

What could I buy now with the money in hand.
I deliberated and chid me for being so careless.
The value of Rupee has gone down day by day
with the dollar going up and up
the Indian currency has fallen from grace.

With the currency sinking very badly
the economy getting near to death
inflation rocking high up reaching the skies
the Indians stand aghast at their governance
which has plundered the country to the most.

The opposition blaming the ruling party
The Prime minister accusing the main opposition
The scams and scandals that wreathed the country most
stand the tests nakedly and justifications clothed
with files lost and evidences disappearing.

The Finance Minister preaches from the podium
asking people to be patient blaming the Reserve Bank
while the retiring Reserve Bank chairman calls his institution
as a baby step organisation allowed to take few steps
piling one assault over another pushing the people to death.

The Reserve Bank Governor bids adieu a day ago
saying that if the Finance minister wants to go for a walk
let him walk alone in the financial abyss leaving the Reserve BMan MohanChiduWalkank
while the Reserve Bank would continue to exist protecting the rights of people.
Where is India going with everyone at loggerheads?

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This Is India

The glittering recent is attractive.

The shine dazzling is a sign positive.

The Godliness seen from ancient is divinity.

The opportunity thrown is infinity.

Progress of the old  nation is great.

Economy is growing in spate.

Statesmen gain handsomely  in all rounds.

People lose sordidly at all bounds.

The politicians wield governing   power.

States go without electrical power.

It is an ancient land of civilization.

Well,it is the Great Indian nation.



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India Versus Norway: Diplomatic Embroil Over Bringing up Children

India Versus Norway: Diplomatic Embroil Over Bringing up Children on Blogcritics.


“The Child is father of the Man,” reads the famous line from William Wordsworth. Begetting a child gives unfathomable pleasure. Bringing up the little one is an art. The making and unmaking of a child depends largely on the mother.feeding

Parenting is a task which requires great skill and foresight. Indians form a close-knit community. Every relation has an importance in the Indian family. The Indian mother, after a child is born, lives with the child all day long. The newborn is nurtured with great care, fed as and when it cries, sleeps nestling close to the mother. The children are put in separate rooms once they become self-sufficient and independent. The bonding between the child and the mother is special, enchanting and enhancing too. The proximity developed between the mother and the child lasts all through their life. Indians presume it as a healthy sign but in the West it is eyed differently.

Norway is in the headlines for separating the children of an Indian geoscientist from their parents since May 2011. Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya’s children, three-year old Abigyan and one-year-old Aishwarya, were taken under Norwegian protective care by the Norwegian Welfare services on the ground that the son slept with Churchillhis father and the mother fed the children with her fingers.

This allegation brings to mind an anecdote from a few decades back, when the former Indian President Dr. Radhakrishnan and the British Prime Minister Churchill met over dinner. As per the Indian custom, the President washed his hands well before eating. While Churchill was busy with spoon and fork, Dr.Radhakrishnan was eating with his fingers. Churchill asked the President to use the spoon and fork for better hygiene. The great scholar quipped, “No one else could use my fingers so I consider it most hygienic.” What would have happened to Dr. Radhakrishnan if he had visited Norway now? He would have been put in a centre and alienated from his kith and kin. Dr. Radahakrishnan is dead and gone. He has escaped the Norwegian authorities.


Norway’s Child Protective Service is a powerful organization which has been charged with being overzealous in protecting the children. The Norwegian Statistical Bureau, in its latest report of 2011, shows that 19 of every 1,000 children born to immigrant parents were taken away from their family homes between 2004 and 2010.

In a report by IBN-CNN, Mr. Bhattacharya says, “We’ve appealed to the government that we’ll leave everything and go back to India. This is a nightmare in our lives. We want to bring back our kids. We were normal parents. There could be several upbringing issues because the culture is different.”

The Indian Government has taken up the issue and forced the Norwegian government to release the children from Protective Care. Their 27-year-old uncle would take custody of the children and the expenses for his trip to Oslo would be borne by the Indian government.

Each country has its own culture. Each country has its own theory and convictions regarding sex, children, marriage, habits, and behaviour. That which is approved in one part of the world may be strongly condemned in another region. Customs and traditions which seem offensive to one sect are appreciated highly by the other.

Shakespeare said that discretion is the better part of valor. Let us practise this ideal by honouring all cultures and values.

Read more:

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Switch ons and Switch offs

It is a twinkle for months together,

It works for a specific time altogether,

Twinkle does it for 3 hours in the morn.

It recedes to a hole in the post morn.

Then it comes out in the afternoon.

Again  for three hours it lights up in the noon

Back it goes down in the dusk.

Remains so almost in a husk.

Appears for an hour from thence.

Quickly disappears  from shining hence.

Surfaces again for an hour-long.

Hides itself in pitch dark for little long.

Shoots up from nowhere all at once.

Will it sustain the switch offs in a sense?

What is it all about? you may wonder.

It might be Greek or Latin to you.

Well, that is what we endure everyday.

Switch ons and switch offs of electricity through the day

Make us wriggle in scorching heat

Affect the industrial output in a beat.

Lets the children study with candles lighted.

The administration  goes about with mirth elated.

Do you want to know about the place,I am talking?

It is Tamilnadu, the southern state of India, in the awakening,

Nevertheless, they say India is shining incredibly!  all the more.

I want to bring to light this failure of electricity to the world more and more



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Down Goes Everything.

Down goes the gold price,

Down goes the silver price,

Down goes the oil price,

Down goes the stock price,

Inflation alone  goes  directly up commonly.


It is something very peculiar,

It is something very puzzling,

It is something very unnerving,

It is something very touchy,

Inflation alone goes rightly  up undisturbed.



The economy of U.S .is bewildering,

The economy of Greece is dwindling,

The economy of U.S is  masquerading,

The economy of India is depleting,

Inflation alone goes firmly  up  altogether


There is a whirlwind in some parts,

There is a storm in certain areas,

There is a flood in a particular place,

There is an earthquake in a specific territory,

Inflation alone goes steadily up everywhere.