The Distinctive Strains.

The distinctions of the two countries

keep me at the anvil

one being laid back  and clean

the other being buzzing and unclean.


The countries I talk about

being varied in ethnic

all religions stay put and  abound

one with three races in the round.


The languages and dialects in one

becomes countless in the go

with some without alphabets

only going by the talking


The other being a settlement

with one race claiming to be native

the other two coming  for livelihood

having  enriched the land  of occupation.


The ancient land with a heritage

and a beautiful culture

known for its great stature

remains so in the annals .


The second one being a small nation

when held in close  comparison with the other

has a compact land area and population

with fertility being its chosen play.


The ancient land teeming

and bustling with men

holds the pride in technical  front

yet is being locked in corruption.


The same goes with this peninsula

for that matter  the distinctions go amiss

as both countries  are peninsular

being equally corrupt.


The discriminations being dealt so far

being marked in areas of density  and cleanliness

earmark the  validity of the nations 1-3122India and Malaysia

that lie in the Asian continent,













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A Song on Freaks

disciplinecleanlinessFreaks are too many.
They look uncanny.
They speak high.
They work nigh.

Clean they call out.
They try to find out.
Seeing unclean spots
they create a shoot out.

Discipline they insist .
They enforce strict resist
Shortfalls they desist.
Raking a chaos all out.

Puritan they are.
They take everything too far.
Be it belief or attitude without bar.
They deal with an immediate mar.

Extending directions to the extreme
Seeking to churn out the cream,
they fumble and falter miserably in the stream.
Then coyly they hide their falls with a beam.

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Perfidious Lawyers-“May Your Tribe Increase”

Every legal case is different.

As it has no precedent.

It may differ in degree  macro or micro.

It might have merit or demerit although.


Judgments  are independent.

Not clasped by averment.

Justice  has to uphold truth.

 Not  to downgrade truth.


Counsels have to study the case sheets  deep.

Not act shoddily  as though  half asleep.

A sound knowledge of law is a must.

To fight the case when put to test.


Each case is a new edict.

Never rely on the previous verdict.

Each one has twist and turn.

Review it  sincerely without a spurn.


 Remember, the client is your King.

Never you could  become  a King.

He, who pays you is atop.

You, who receives should never flop.


Never try to override him.

If so, you are deceiving him.

He would strike you hard.

And bash you without any regard.


Rude gestures would run you out.

Impolite words would throw you out.

Arrogance would doom you forever.

Authority would shun you more so ever.


Insecurity in profession drags you perhaps,

Lack of confidence in your ability draws  you perhaps,

A hurried escape might be your requirement perhaps.

An express exit from the situation might be your motive perhaps.


Desirous of earning more and more is your goal.

Greed has seized your complacency in a toll.

An attempt to betray the client is highly contemptuous.

Surely, all lawyers, with no exception are perfidious

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Schools Of Yester Year.

Years ago children loved school,

it was another home to them,

Learning was never cumbersome,

It rendered a development wholesome.


Children learnt with ease,

Numbers were easily mastered,

Letters were finely read,

Everything went directly to the head.


Learning was both study and play,

Simple practices enabled counting

Carry over was established in adding,

Take away was used in subtracting.


Language  became a felicitous facility,

Grammar opened up the intricacies,

Usage delivered the delicacies,

Communication became relevancies.


It was an enjoyable experience,

The teacher and taught worked together,

There was no pressure or ill feeling rather,

It was a perfect harmony altogether.








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Innocence and Wealthy

Counting is difficult for a child,

Accounting becomes hard  for the rich,

Yet the child has to do it mild,

And the rich have to set right all sides,

The little one learns it in a testy ride,

The wealthy settle the accounts all wide,

The ascending and descending orders  collide,

The accounted and unaccounted generally divide,

The kid ,as time passes ,gets along with the tide,

The affluent ,as practice goes, succeed in the hide,

The innocence assimilate the lesson with a guide,

The imperious amass wealth without a slide.

The child acquires knowledge with the aid,

The rich hoard money also with the aid.

Study and fortune  revolve round in a lovely glide.





Coming Out Of The Blue.

A year of recession is slowly drawing to a close.The much talked about depression is coming to a  halt. The employment sector is the only one that is still  turning nightmarish trends. Hope it should resolve quickly to make the economy  translated into a vibrant force .

The look up should be sustained with great gusto. A soft , steadied direction should lead us into a scenario of cheer and fortitude.

Oil ,which rose remarkably in the early 2008 , had a tumultuous fall in the late 2008 and early 2009 , is getting out of the suppressed oblivion . It is now being quoted as 70$. Gold and silver are ranging high . The stocks have spiralled up . The industrial output  has made a marginal rise of 2%.The real estate which is little back , is treading  in measured steps . It appears , that it will also turn rosy.

The Information sector is idling , so is the outsourcing industry. The recession in this field  is marked . It has to resume a figure of confidence and mettle ,so as to enamour its customers. This particular sphere has been over exposed, Money has flowed into the field as a mighty river assuming the role of a torrential flow. The wisdom and prudence have been overshadowed  by the inclination to work for others, where money claims authority and  excellence. The servitude has led to an abject obsession , that the animated replicas, and blind imitation has forsaken the analytical kinship and meticulous planning. The financial attraction has shrouded the inherited talent , that in a few years the monetary comfort would deprive the nonchalant intelligence . Money can buy everything , but not the lively brains. It has numbed the mental faculty and shut the inquisitiveness of the mind, which is a dangerous risk.

As the melt down is geting solidified , as the depression  which has liberally loosened  a fireceful  mentality  is now paving the way to progression, as the economic snail ‘s pace is hastening toward a  tortoise’s acceleration , as the sadness is fumbling, and as the rejuvenation  is settling in , a harbinger of grace and blessing makes a gala entry  , though in moderate terms.The significance of this augumented gaiety is sure to make inroads into the embellished ethical formation.

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The Lethargy In You.

I was dozing in my lounge, when my maid’s call brought me to an awakening state. It unusually, was not only a physical wake up but also a  mental resurrection. Recently , I am prone to  light refreshments like getting a short nap ,then and there , as often as possible,since there is nothing compulsive to keep my physic and mind active, I am slowly stepping into old age ,a little prematurely .

The renaissance of today ,is that I gave a mild thought to the happenings of the daily chores ,both domestic and external. The slight interference took a chronic level in my analytical pursuit.My mind got over the languishing  strain  by cooperating with my heart’s application.

The putting off attitude in us, the sustaining aspect of procrastination in us, and the slowing down of quick assumptions , paralyse our work culture.

Taking up the case of domestic passage, I wanted to give a face lift to my house and garden , by adding certain infrastructure that were not available ,when the house was built. As every normal human, I made a series of inquiries as to the product availability. I gathered every detail and compiled my survey  in a file, neatly indexed and tagged. I left  gap, of a year, I do not know for what, but now I conclude. it is purely due to lethargy . After a year, I set myself on the task, the materials I wanted , have disappeared from the market and there was a fresh bunch of new products , of which I am an illiterate., in the sense I am not aware of its usage.

Coming to the external assumptions, the Indian lethargy is explicitly revealed in its policies. Take for instance , the construction of roads, the Golden quadilateral ,which is being on for nearly five years. The project is going in snail’s space. Before it reaches Midway, the initial work loses its credibility. The originating road , which was in exact condition  few months back ,has  developed  bumps and potholes, and falls into the category of  bad roads. The half way traverse is rendered unfit for travel. The purpose gets defeated. A three hour flight from hence, we find excellent roads in Malaysia , which I feel is the best in whole of Asia.Why this default?

Before we think of expanding certain infrastructure, the proposition becomes obsolete, and outdated. The slow decision in us makes us a drawling , feeble, demure mortals.

We miss the bus , not once or twice but always. We reconcile ourselves , saying that destiny wants it that way , so it happened thus. A concillatory domain is an antithesis to prosperous enlargement.