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The Rich Man

It is fun to hear
that happened so near
I being ignorant
could be innocent
knew nothing of the deal
gave me a strange feel
a man who boasts of his richness
has gradually dilutes to a nothingness
sells his properties everywhere
says he makes money with care
not so, it seems in real
he is in trouble I feel
has sacked his staff for no reason
they have not committed any treason
sold his car all of a sudden
tells everyone it is a burden
still speaks as if he his very rich
it is apparently a glitch
not so well off in terms anymore
what remains is a bare minimum in a man


An Urgent Behest.

The equation goes along

the one not an equal

the other very competitive

the rich outnumber the poor

not often seen in society

if  found the wealth   strikes

the display is tremendous

open in a way of illumination

in the mode of driving

limousines and chauffeured drivers

palatial mansions and sprawling gardens

an eye capture and  a grand  living style

juxtaposed with the poor in the surround

where huts become homes in large

their dwelling is  meagre in standards

the meals frugal and simple

with nothing much to talk about

the distinction sets in a trend

an obvious one for that matter

a high stylish living on one side

a hand to mouth existence on the other

these leave us gape and wonder

how such inequality arises?

the rich  wealthy by inheritance

or by sheer luck or through illegal means

the poor in such sordidness with little to eat

fall into  the depth  of penury  due to lethargy

cause of a gamble, a failure to perform

ill fate or an ignorance in all

know not what brought in  the demarcation

exist in the east and west without difference

a situation needs an urgent rich and poor behest.


The Law Of The Land.

If there be a law

there are too many flaws

that come and go in ease

as they go about in a tease.


The law of the land

looks complicated and grand

they include clauses and sections

that now have become fictions.


Law, they say is common to all

no distinctions between poor and rich  in all

there is a lot of discriminations

that is the cause of terminations.


What for is law? Query all

when there be no justice at all

while the wealthy go free

the poor get trapped in the spree.


Legality exists in the face

finding nothing else in its place

it continues in books and courts

causing an expense of remarkable note.


That be true of law in modern days

as there are no hitches  in the race

that go to hold justice with great respect

being endorsed by testimony in any aspect.




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Stinking Rich – Foul Or Fragrant Odor.

stinking richRich and opulent they move.
Rich and dashing they ride.
Rich and grand they live.
Rich and imperious they pose.
Yes, they are stinking rich.

Stinking rich is an idiom different.
An epithet that makes one wonder.
A phrase that resembles an oxymoron.
Altogether a coinage that rings curiosity.
Yes, the phrase smells wrong

Getting into the formation reveals many more.
Rich are termed as dirty with derision.
They are condemned as rotten with hate.
They are shunned as filthy with scorn.
Yes, the terminology sounds right.

The super rich is a euphemism many vouchsafe.
They have bought out their economy analysts deliver
They could afford their own exosphere of luxury stores.
Could not they afford tropospherical taxes?
Yes, it appears weird to witness this breakaway.

It is their hard earning a voice calls.
It is certainly so we nod.
It is not envy or greed that underlines.
It is the thought of society that urges.
Yes, it is a feeling that brings a nostalgia.

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Sequential Delivery

poorwealthheap.singingThe world is going ga,ga.
Over nothing ha, ha.

The baby is calling ma, ma.
Not reporting to pa, pa.

The protesters raise a ho ho.
Over issues that indicate a lo,lo.

The singer sings at the top of the pitch la,la.
Modulating his voice at the middle


The vehicles honk beep, beep.
They try to negotiate the traffic deep, deep.

The farmer heads on to his field to reap, reap.
He cuts the stalk and piles them in heap,heap.

The rich amass wealth in tonnes,tonnes.
Their life style stuns, stuns.

The poor slog all through life,life.
Alas! they are destined to a miserable strife, strife.

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Mortals think they are immortal.

Rich feel they are  absolutely insulated.

Powerful assume they are invincible.

Wise observe everyone with zeal.

Thus goes the world  round and round

unaware of its impermanence.

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Innocence and Wealthy

Counting is difficult for a child,

Accounting becomes hard  for the rich,

Yet the child has to do it mild,

And the rich have to set right all sides,

The little one learns it in a testy ride,

The wealthy settle the accounts all wide,

The ascending and descending orders  collide,

The accounted and unaccounted generally divide,

The kid ,as time passes ,gets along with the tide,

The affluent ,as practice goes, succeed in the hide,

The innocence assimilate the lesson with a guide,

The imperious amass wealth without a slide.

The child acquires knowledge with the aid,

The rich hoard money also with the aid.

Study and fortune  revolve round in a lovely glide.




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Save the Land

Pots and  earthen tableware,

Lovely and less of fare,

Eco friendly and  a fine spare,

Least to be found anywhere.


The clay burnt to certain temperature,

Turns out porous and opaque in structure,

Serves the rich and poor in every nature,

Most so simple and decorative in all feature.


Food cooked in earthen ware is extremely  tasty

Adding an aroma of earth only too savoury,

Ensuing a healthy strain all too easily,

Supplementing an enrichment singularly.


It should be back to the basics,

Falling back to the old style tactics,

Might sound a drift very drastic,

Nevertheless it  should become dogmatic.



Plastics, polyurethane  look so attractive,

They have an unbreakable identity,

Easy to handle is the prerogative,

They give out lot of reaction destructive.


Touch not  the plastic ware with your  hand,

They are symptomatic of hazards grand,

Levying man heavily affecting his gland,

Lying inordinately on land spoiling its band,




(Save the Environment)