The Natural Law.

A stretch of land lies ahead
once a green pasture
where cattle grazed long ago
a sight of greenery everywhere.

The land looks dead now
with no vegetation all over
strains of fissures on the soil
exposing the dire status .

The land stands an example
illustrating the nature’s unpredictability
where rains poured a year ago
experience a drought severe now.nature

As all things go with statistics
the weather also agrees with forecast
though not to the core in all
they largely align to the feasibility.

Have to pass on with a reference
where most have to get across
whether it be drought or flood
we have to pull through.


The Image Of Malaysia

The nation is in dilemma
everything there is an enigma
law and order being ever absent
corruption being thoroughly present.

The “boleh “land as Malaysia is called
beaten up by the latest slip and crawl
that be of the disappearance of a flight
attributing various reasons for on sight.

The Police take no action against theft
race up when there is a speeding by a car
they sit in their “Balai Polis” hearing a murder
never do they conduct any investigation thither.

The judges speak not justice on the whole
try to find an easy loop-hole
money plays a part in government offices
the more you pay the most you get as large pieces.

Lazy be the synonym of its people largely
drinking and enjoying in “kopi kedai” mostly
eating out all the times inordinately.
doing nothing at home totally.

The vanishing flight has tarnished the image
the grieving families of the passengers is enraged
making easy money from the revenue of palm oil plantations
agonised the rain and the weather too have started their ration.

This year the country is hot and moist
with water scarcity staring hard in the foist
receiving less rain the country with the open drainage
would be thwarted by its sanitary modules of age.

It is time for the Malaysian leaders to wake up
see around them the nations that have grown up
scourge its system in a pace fast and kedai kopioil palmquick
as it is a country that should tick.


The Court Of Law

To become a judge
men pay money nowadays
with that how  do you expect?
law and legal  candidly

A man who pays high
becomes a judge with aplomb
using his high office
with an eye on money

Gets he millions  at the back of his chair
multifold of what he has paid  to occupy
where do you expect?
law and justice in the frame.

Seeking recommendation  from the powerful
he deigns the robe of justice
succumbs to the vile practices
was he has to gift  handsome rewards.

That which he spends  to acquire
has to come back to him in his tenure
the vehicle being his office  of a judge
he makes a lot  more than what he could

That being so in all circumstances
then where do you expect?
impartial judgement in the court
which turns into a commercial hub.

Court of Law is a sanctum
where there lives the justice
which has to be put in high security
without getting exposed to  the guile of currency  


The Law Of The Land.

If there be a law

there are too many flaws

that come and go in ease

as they go about in a tease.


The law of the land

looks complicated and grand

they include clauses and sections

that now have become fictions.


Law, they say is common to all

no distinctions between poor and rich  in all

there is a lot of discriminations

that is the cause of terminations.


What for is law? Query all

when there be no justice at all

while the wealthy go free

the poor get trapped in the spree.


Legality exists in the face

finding nothing else in its place

it continues in books and courts

causing an expense of remarkable note.


That be true of law in modern days

as there are no hitches  in the race

that go to hold justice with great respect

being endorsed by testimony in any aspect.





Where Is Law?

The laws call for no flaws
however we find more defects
that escape from the legalities
finding a loophole is as quick
as that of closing and opening the eye
with that goes the man scot-free
not answerable to any law that is found
The law books abound lawwith clauses and sections
that carry our many instructions
being that how many of us
has read all these rules and regulations
leave alone the lay men
how many jurists would be familiar with these
one can vouchsafe that there be not a handful.

With the frailties that go to the levels much high
the judiciary seems to be a miscarriage  all over
with frequent abortions on the anvil
the legalities die a natural death in the fetus
that be an opportunity for the penalised
get away from the judicial custody
entering the world with a new thought and desire.


subscriptions thoughts

Life Into Death.

Discerning  through the affidavits of life,

Tracking  the systems of strife,

Delving into the intricacies of attitude,

Wading through the shores of ingratitude,

A portrait  unfolds.


Sailing across the sea of humanity ,

Riding over a bridge of incongruity,

Driving  through an undulating  land

Flying over a fathomless  ocean grand,

A picture  opens.



Lying  on a sandy  beach  with tides flowing high

Dreaming  about a castle  in the sky,

Intoxicated by the pleasures abstract,

The excitement descends intact,

An ecstasy unravels.



Listening to a  chaste melody,

Losing oneself in its rhapsody,

Smiling with carefree thought,

Swinging along a beautiful slot,

A beauty   endows.



The eye wanders  with a  predicament

Till it catches a glimpse of  a  rudiment,

The heart roams with an estimate,

Till it romps on a  soul affectionate,

A  grace bestows.



The mind gathers no wool,

As it gets  attuned to the blissful,

The soul travels with no fringes,

As the body lies without any twinges,

Death  slowly descends..