The Image Of Malaysia

The Malaysian image at low.

The nation is in dilemma
everything there is an enigma
law and order being ever absent
corruption being thoroughly present.

The “boleh “land as Malaysia is called
beaten up by the latest slip and crawl
that be of the disappearance of a flight
attributing various reasons for on sight.

The Police take no action against theft
race up when there is a speeding by a car
they sit in their “Balai Polis” hearing a murder
never do they conduct any investigation thither.

The judges speak not justice on the whole
try to find an easy loop-hole
money plays a part in government offices
the more you pay the most you get as large pieces.

Lazy be the synonym of its people largely
drinking and enjoying in “kopi kedai” mostly
eating out all the times inordinately.
doing nothing at home totally.

The vanishing flight has tarnished the image
the grieving families of the passengers is enraged
making easy money from the revenue of palm oil plantations
agonised the rain and the weather too have started their ration.

This year the country is hot and moist
with water scarcity staring hard in the foist
receiving less rain the country with the open drainage
would be thwarted by its sanitary modules of age.

It is time for the Malaysian leaders to wake up
see around them the nations that have grown up
scourge its system in a pace fast and kedai kopioil palmquick
as it is a country that should tick.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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