The Poor Girl

The onus of the girl child

there being a push-off

than father hating her

for no reason whatsoever.

The girl born suffers all through

being cursed by the father

held with affection by the mother

not openly but in the inner heart.

She grows up with the years

second to her brother

who gets all the goodies

she being happy with the remains.

The boy goes to school

no matter he studies or not

the girl is sent to the primary

then drops out considering the family’s poverty.

The girl shares all the responsibilities

the years when she has to play

she spends doing household chores

even goes out to do domestic work.

The little salary she earns

adds to the family’s sustenance

with the father always half drunk

and the mother toiling in the sun.

With little education and innocence

she gets married at a tender age

bears the yoke of marriage

never would her husband share.

Pity is the girl’s life slogging and working

never could she rest for a single day

with the child on her way

praying that she not give birth to a girl.

poor girl


The Natural Design

The silvery line of the sky
the sun’s golden hue
an attire of sapphire over the waters of the ocean
the hills with an emerald tinge
the orchards with fruits hanging like rubies
the dew drops sitting pretty like pearl
the tomatoes exhibiting the tone of the corals
the stars come out twinkling like diamonds
with that the platinum designations come forward
extending a lovely thematic expensive aura of delight.


The Stone Having A Heart.

The stone remains unturned
It is been there for long
being thee in the same position
braving the heat and rain
none bothering to turn it over.

What lies below it no one knows?
Why is it lying there no one knows?
With that being in the same place
and being in the same position
lying there untouched being a mystery.

People pass through it paying no attention
Children paly around it considering it a huge toy.
Lovers sit over it talking for hours together.
There being a buzz of activity all around it
yet it remains undisturbed and unperturbed.

The stone has no heart or feel they say
stone hearted being derived from this reference
let that be true as found in the annals
but to me I feel it has a feel too
that has become immune to the trials it had encountered.

The stone being most patient and bearing
stays there all through watching the bustle
never getting into it for heaven’s sake
it being also kicked and dashed by people in anger
staying silent and calm in the scramble
illustrate its silent laughter at man’s ignorance.