The Word Of Honour

Words  they say are expressions
 they do talk about the commitment
 that  brings validity and importance
not coming from the lips  as such
 but evolving from the depth as much.
Reversing and forwarding them
 going about with no inhibitions
telling  anything with no fire
 topping them with lies and  tales
leads to a manoeuvre of convenience
The connivance and contrivance
along with manipulation and masquerading
schedule a great deviation  in the  run
ruining the reverence the words hold
destroying the rapport they command
The value of words being  boundless
exceeding that  of gold and currency
 over and above  billions all the more
as a single word that comes out
has a strength of a powerful gun shot.
With that being so, the words as I know
call for an effort and an execution
sacrificing whatever you have
if the case might be in the proportion
eating back your own words cause disdain..
Words once uttered have to be preserved
not there be any fun or play in its dealing
there being an  honour and reverence
breaking them would be ominous  and irreverent
download (64)the word of honour hold you  high above .




Marriages Are Made —–

Kneeling down she beseeched
apologising for her mistake
He remained unmoved and unperturbed.
She gave up all her takes.

The relation turned sour gradually
She being snobbish and adamant.
He being simple and  friendly.
The attitudes took a chance different.

There being  no compatibility between the two.
Had to move towards a break
Foreseeing  the breach would torment them
she decided to turn a new leaf in the wake.

He not believing her fully
apprehensive of her behaviour fully
did not want to go back wholly
as it would lead to nightmare entirely.

He wanting to get rid of her all the more
she wishing to go soft with him  showed love
the scenario became entangled  once more
releasing an uneasiness  defeating the things above.

All feel this marriage would not work all through
as both being diagonally opposite
I want this to  be carried through and through
as we all know unlike poles attract am I right?ghost_marriage_rituals_bbssq


The Failing Beauty

The little rose plant 

not fresh as every day

looks very worn out  and withered .


Her  lively  call  had gone missing

appearing tired  and  desolate

not her plant usual self.


Going near her found out

she has been afflicted  badly

with mite attack great.


Tending to her has been neglected

nothing to blame the gardener

has his hands are tied.


Tied not by any one  as such

but by Nature alone very much

as the rains have failed.


With no sufficient water for his personal use

having to buy water for the day

has let  the  plant to suck.


Who  should bear the cross?

Man or nature in the stride

I know not




The Technique Shrewd

Running out from responsibilities 

shirking away the duties

has been the way for most.


Coming fast when workings go good

floundering to get the best’

has been the way for most.


This be the  practice and technique

that goes with most

enabling a bonanza great..


The Oscillations

Going back and front for convenience 

going through all sides easily

proclaim a dilemma.


Decisions once taken  good or bad

have to be adhered  strictly

be  it at any cost.


Long deliberations whatsoever

bring on confusions forever

delivering a fall out.


These happen everywhere

be it in courts or arbitrations

throwing justice out.


Buying through all these ideas

gets along with a falsification

which bring not a fair deal.


Oscillations do not work

just shake the fundamentals

procrastinating the whole oscillations (1)