Mother’s Song

Singing to her baby
a lullaby they say
she sings not from prescribed verse
makes her own song spontaneously
loads them with her feelings
adds her love to the baby
tells how she brought him into the world
speaks of her pains and aches
how she finally gave birth to the little one
a lovely expression set to no musical tune
accompanied by no beat or rhythm
touches the heart of the listener
putting the babe to a sound sleep
the song, no lullaby, tells a lot
a different song with a distinctive tunemother's song


The Vast Blue Ocean

sea blue

The sea out there in the vast expanse

looks calm and beautiful gleaming blue

creating a sensational delivery and a pleasant accommodation

where we relax and enjoy for a short respite

filling the lungs with the fresh salty wind

that brush past the face cooing closely into the ears.

Being so, an export and import

depositing the wealth of the sea on land

taking back that which is found on land

the commercial transactions on the go

being introduced by the loving ocean earlier.

A to and fro movement along with a stimulation

that makes it more of an enchanting space

than being an endangered place .

The waters hold hundreds of dwellings for habitation

with the fish found in abundance

along with whales ,tortoise, sea gulls and sea animals .

Enhancing the value of the sea there be

the growth of coral reef and pearl sheaths

being all a passage for travel and transactions

an exotic piece of nature lively and enchanting

exhibiting beauty and grace in largess

exposing risk and danger expressed in its unpredictability

The ocean locked up in silence bursts with a roar

gulping a many a lovable living and material filling

with a swallow and devour all too sudden

being a great force possessing a velocity unknown

the sea is the harbinger of civilization

and the hub of commercial transactions

all in one go with a swipe genial and a strike harsh.


The Bundle Of Joy

The little boy being unruly
screaming with joy
seemingly a loving act
mumbling with discomfort
indicating a sign of uneasiness
going by his shrieks and cries
every actibundle of joyon of him be a play
delighting all around with cheer
being a mother of such a boy
always on toes with a vigour
making a move fast with a rigour
beyond any cope up and posing a stress
proves hard and bothersome
at times gets beyond control
she losing her sleep and rest
not careful in her schedules
falling down in exasperation
wishing someone could handle him
if being offered to take up
reluctant to share with others
feeling the little boy mischievous
being her own bundle of joy.


The Pathos

The pathos that generate

hearing a narration

being one of sad or being glad

a gush of emotions there be

rising up in a spurt

unable to suppress

the sympathy overwhelms

blinding the reason

not wanting to analyse

be it true or false

the power being so vivacious

that pursues an extension

where aid comes upfront

and the physical rendition accompanies

as being genuine in the appeal

there be no second thoughts one feels

when turning to be a drama

the anger and feel of cheat rises

promoting a disaster horrible.

With that the pity turns into a vengeance

the sympathy has led to a deprivation

and the compassion culminating into a desolation.