The Equilibrium Of Living

The newspapers that look fresh today

that command importance today

find themselves in the bin tomorrow

losing their significance by tomorrow

getting recycled day after

going for print the next day

coming back as new paper the day following

thus goes the cycle of the newspaper

churning and processing every day

reading and storing in mind every other day

that be the  permanence of all things

going into and getting out

an entry and an exit

be also found in life

every birth being balanced by a death

the equilibrium of living

gets on with a fantastic speed

with a fabulous merit all through.


The Fate Of The Flight

The flight took off late in the night
going through immigration and customs  tight
there being a sleepiness all through
the flight was silent and sober as it flew

The preliminaries all over with no hustle
the plane flew through with no bustle
cruising up high through the sky
started its cross over the sea without shy.

With passengers  dozing and sleeping sound
the  flight lost its connectivity  when bound
flew where no one knows being a mystery
reached not the destination   as per the itinerary.

The countries all around setting search
could not find any trace as such
with hours and days flying  with  the passage of time
the flight with its inmates remains  without a chime.


The Perceptions

Looking through the same window
one sees mud
the other the stars.
one sees that which is underneath
the other that which is above

Reading the same poem
one finds it great
the other deems it ordinary
one seeks the significance great
the other traces the mistakes less.

It is the perception that matters
it is the thought that goes
it is the trend that talks
it being all worthy and faulty
being there lovely always.