MH 370

The jet above
intends not to fly down
aMH370 week in sky


The Treasure in Sea Waters.

sea water pearlThe boats sail smoothly over the waters
the fishermen singing with joy
catching a treasure after few pulls
they being not only of fish
but a drenched bag very heavy
the hook being sharp and slender
could hold not such pressure
the weight tries to slip into the waters
painstakingly retrieved from the fall
the men thought they having pulled a lot
decided to return home before dusk
with the air being conducive and pleasant
sailed back home in glee and expectation
eager to open and see what is in it
On their return they took the bag to a corner
where no one dare to enter and eavesdrop
unfastened the bag and found wholesome treasure
that of sea water pearl having a value very high
with gleaming eyes they came back home
uttering not a word to anyone for fear of spy.


Recipe With Enzymes Indulged

Recipe come across with enzymes indulged
going on to the table ,itself an ornamental presentation
laid with dressing and sophistication
looking sumptuous and lovely
gleaming with glory
the red telling about being hot
the green presenting a freshness
the yellow adding to the sobriety
the white talking about the purity
with the condiments adding to the flavour
the aroma enticing the appetite
with the love to eat and the huger to be appeased
the designs provoke a desire
with that there goes on a healthy, wealthy
with a pronounced grandeur and setting
being a feast to the eyes and to the palate



Honey Being Sweet.


Honey is sweet everyone knows

it is also slightly bitter many do not know

depending on the source of the collection

everyone should know.

The bees go round the garden

be that of any field for that matter

selecting the best possible resource

setting about with an indulgence.

Sitting on the flower blooming fully well

protruding well ahead from the stalk

the buzzing bees settle strongly on them

pulling out the maximum from the pollens.

The busy bees do go above the branches

that come out of the fruit trees

invariably mango, neem and tamarind

that grow in abundance in the tropics.

The honey from these trees

have a tinge of bitterness and sourness

that which being natural in the fruits they bear

having a potential medicinal value.

The honey that being gathered

get deposited in the racks made by man and nature

where the Queen bee does the extraction

while the honey starts dripping.

The story of honey related the task

that being not sweet as it tastes

quite exasperating as it is seen

yet serving mankind with good cash and kind.

Honey being a word referring to sweet heart

the sweetness ascribed to it comes after a task

an analogy crosses the mind know not why

that true love too comes after serious deliberation.