Needle in The Haystack

An idiom that has gained popularity
with the ongoing search in its intensity
where to find the disappeared material
how to find in such a large compass in trial.

The hay stack being huge and piled up
hiding a needle so thin and small in a prop
finding it out by the one who concealed it
would prove to be a strain albeit.

The idiom craves for a rightful recognition
as one that goes well with its connotation
Supporting it to be a rightful assumption
proposing a conferment of relevance without any presumption.

The sharp indication and the resultant information
that nothing would come out of any investigation
that not be focused and pointed straight at the target
would be a round about way exercising a forget.


Attitude Unappreciable.

Provoked by the behaviour

shocked by the attitude

chided my brother younger

who did all these with a know.

There being a strained relation

where I stand predominant

he picks up unwanted conversation

with the opposition of mine.

That not be only sufficient

he extends further affability

by accompanying the defying party

spending much time with him.

He proudly narrated the event

hurt to the quick I told him

that the amicable overtures

was not needed at any time.

Sister to you is important.

The man who has challenged her

should be kept at distance

not to be entertained with friendliness.

He walked away from me

not disturbed I kept my status

never would I do

if I were in your position.

sister sclds brother


A Young lad Questions .

young boyWhere is the world heading to?
a question asked not by an adult
nor by a ripe old man
coming from a ten-year old boy
put me in a wild deliberation.

At ten, I used to play and read
bothered about the chocolates and ice creams
never thought how I could afford
as the revenue was away from my purview
sleeping well with no thoughts of anything.

The young lad presumably has knowledge of the events
the Ukraine affair and the Malaysian vanishing flight in recent
following all the episodes that happen with interest
perhaps feeling sad over the issues that bring destruction
the change amongst young needs both encouragement and discouragement as well.


Too Early

It was too early
three in the morning
sleeping soundly with no dreams fairly
with the night still intense and dark ranging
got a call from an unknown land
the ring going on for a minute in length
a long one breaking the stillness in a disband
reluctantly got up from the bed without strength
answered the call still sleepy and eyes closed
could not identify the caller with a force
who spoke of publishing in detail notes
knowing not what she was telling in course
politely told her it is too early for me
both to listen and respond exactly
with that my sleep bade farewell
leaving me lie down looking at the ceiling dreadfully.early