Daily Archives: March 8, 2014

The Empowerment Of Woman

There you are
looking pretty and smart
beautiful being the one
that goes with you
shy being the one
that accompanies you
fear being the one
that qualifies you
weak being the one
that denotes your gender
all these being tagged to you
for times as long as the centuries
now there be a different format for you
being that of self-sufficient  in everything
not depending on man for your living
not calling him for every task
not frightened of being alone
not waiting for his approval
you be there fully different
a woman needing no empowerment
as being powerful altogether in style.

That Be In Use

The table which hold the books

knows not to read.

The pen that writes for hours

lies dormant when not in use.

The machine that spins and makes yarn

turns rusty when not run.

The garden which is beautiful and lovely

loses its glamour when not tended.

The body which toils and endures

gets worn out with no care  proper.

The attention focused and affection great

hail a smooth performance to the  most

along with that comes an execution perfect.