Serpentine Meandering

imagesF4ZGTMZHHe acts so well  before all

with a design in mind

not very straight after all

very deceitful on the find

says one thing upfront

differs at the back

well this has been his stunt

from the day I remember in track

many get carried away by his charm

losing  themselves in his serpentine  meandering

he with  his dramatic skill  reaps a lot in form

gaining wealth   with ease in the going

that is the shortcut he devices with great prowess



A Call From Abroad



I get a phone call every morn

from a far away land across the seas

I eagerly wait for the call moving nowhere

as the caller speaks so loving and beautiful


Answering each of my questions

with a grin and giggle

his voice goes up and down like a song

holding a  frequency attuned to the replies.


He talks with an attitude mature

listening keenly to my words

responding appropriately to them

with a melodious tone and cheer.


He could well understand my language

never once he put a question forward

I could make out very little of his answers

which came out with a spontaneity  straight.


Curious to know who it would be

you would  have by now started to deliberate

let me reveal his identity in a way

that you could comprehend and admire.


The caller being none other than my cute toddler

just one and half years old  learning to speak

talks he in a language of his own

which I,  half a century and more, fail to decipher.






The Difficulty.

There is a difficulty

that being of adding tags

not being to add media

the  blog loses its shine

built with efforts great

working with attention straight

there seems to be a temporary  set back

know not how to set it right

with fingers crossed looking for methods

while the impossibility looms large

feeling little disheartened  and disillusioned.

anyone there to help me?



The Drama In Real life.

The curtains rise for the day

that being of sunrise in the morn

with the darkness slowly giving way

the light spreads its ray

out comes the sun  in speed less

mounting up  from the ocean with no stress

the lovely yellowish red ball gets across

alighting from the bluish-green waters in a toss

the grey tinge to the sky moves out  in phases

giving way to the yellowish light  with a grace

the activities begin with a wake up and attention

followed by the rush and push   with tension

jumping on with a fervour and motivation

running towards the appointments in a hurried  representation

gathering the details in a scurried frantic

with that the curtains have gone fully up  the attic

the denouement over in a fair go  without test

the main act being performed with  earnest

the final act is fast approaching

with that the curtains are pulled down  with a closing

with that comes the end of the game  in all

the drama of life ends up with a tale.

awaiting a restful night .