The Sweeper.

Need drives the sweeper
to take up the chore
sweeping manually before
replaced by gadgets now
he who received wages low long ago
now lives in ease
has shed his lowliness
holds his head high.



The Hands Tell A Tale

I cradled you
in my hands full
put you to sleep.

You crossed the road
under my eyes
secure and fast.

You learnt to write
letters in small and big
getting the cue from me.

You grew up
perfect and smart
wanting to reach great heights.

The tale of the hands
told by a mother
past, present and future.

mother and son


The Attitude To Work

No work is below dignity
the work you do is great
menial or white collared.

The physical work needs more strength
becomes irksome at times
yields high payout too.

The desk work going by the epithet
concerns most with the power of brain
earns a handsome revenue.

The attitude towards work
the concentration
does bring in satisfaction.job


Tongue in Cheek

Known for his humour
could be a satire at times
he speaks so well
engages the audience
talks about one pin pointedly
means another unconsciously
allLight Transcending web with a subtle difference
with a hit and a prick
eliciting the pros and cons
with an impact
a powerful language it is
nice to hear and read.