The fruits on the table
were set on gracefully
looking like the ones in the fable
arranged traditionally
with colours red, yellow being prominent
the rest of the hue remaining in the back
the enrichment that each one provides being deviant
they had been displayed beautifully with a knack
allowing the buyer to go through in leisure
selecting the fruits after checking the quality
purchasing them with a bargain without applying pressure
that being done paying the money immediately
a shopping of fruits went through with the mighty.fruits


Over a Cup Of Coffee

Over a cup of coffee
with heads put together
discussing the issues burning
that of the economic virtuosity
with the markets sliding up and down
knowing no methods to stabilise
the currency also not coffeeappearing strong
predicting a financial break down
the learned economists could go no further
except remain pondering over the steaming coffee
with an aroma splendid and flavour excellent.


The Promulgation

Passing orders is easy
promulgating them is not too easy.

With the execution being postponed
the order in course loses its shine.

Those who filed the case keep quiet
being the verdict deviating from their expectation.

The situation being desperately piquant
the plaintiffs seem not to move.

The ignorance of the plaintiffs comes into light
with the judgement being not respected.

The shallow and superficial characters behave foolish
when the circumstances calls for attention.
An endeavour causing great hardship to the defendant
who stands aghast over the inaction.dancing judge


Disappearance Of Deficit

The ties being relatively elusive

there being nothing in the offensive at the face

apparently they were repulsive in behaviour

going through the intensive interaction.

The filial relations not very helpful.

The parental love not there to fulfill

being left alone by the entire regime

had to cope with struggle in the interim.

The travail being beyond the capacity

having to negotiate with a dedication

life being a challenge definitely

living up to the standard proved an impossibility.

The image of impeccable dignity pressing

somehow managed to get along in life

with not borrowed money to balance

but keeping a moderation of life style in reference.

Living so within modest means all through

succeeded in climbing through the ordeal truly

with that came the disappearance of deficit

as the surplus slowly made way with a smile.